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Hungry? Grab a Kidney-Friendly Crunchy Snack

Anyone with a craving for a flavor packed crunchy snack? DaVita has snack ideas that are kidney friendly and delicious. To help get you started, check out “Five Crunchy Snack Mixes for the Kidney Diet“. This  collection of popular snack mixes are easy to prepare with options to satisfy all your crunchy cravings. The snack mixes can be packed in a food bag or container for a healthy option on the go. With summer approaching, snack mixes are a great option to take camping, on the boat, to the beach or wherever the warmer weather leads you!

Homemade Crunchy Snack Advantages

There are several advantages to making your own snacks at home.

  • More control over the ingredients–think low salt, less sugar
  • May be more cost effective
  • Cuts out or cuts down on packaging
  • Snacks are freshly made

For more healthy snack ideas see my past Kidney Diet Tip blog post “Kidney-Friendly Healthy Snack Options“. What’s your favorite kidney-friendly snack?

This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your physician and dietitian regarding your specific diagnosis, treatment, diet and health questions.

Abby Tibodeau, RD, LD

Abby Tibodeau, RD, LD

Abby has been a renal dietitian for over five years and continues to learn new things every day. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three children. Abby is currently working on her master's degree in dietetics.