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Labor Day Recipes to Send off Summer

Labor Day is a holiday most American’s celebrate by not working if possible. This day marks summer coming to an end and the next school year about to begin. The final barbeques and picnics of the season are coming to a close. New beginnings for a new season are upon us. This day however is more than just a day off from work. It is known as the “workingman’s holiday,” to celebrate all those hard working Americans and the time and commitment they make each day to their families and employment. That is a reason to celebrate!

Labor Day Recipes

So let’s send summer off in style with these kidney-friendly picnic and barbeque favorites. Included are low sodium heart healthy meals that don’t sacrifice the flavor!! Excess salt increases thirst and fluid retention. Help to manage fluids and keep your heart healthy by sticking to a low sodium diet.

Try adding one of these sides or salads to your meal. Impress your guests with these simple to make low potassium and phosphorus recipes. watermelon salad on red, white, blue background

Fluid Intake

And remember to keep cool at these outside gatherings. If you are going to be outside for an extended amount of time, bring an umbrella or find a shady spot to relax. For those of you that are watching your fluid intake, here are a few thirst quenching tips.

  • Limit salty and spicy foods-these can increase thirst
  • Freeze lemon slices, blueberries or grapes and suck on a few pieces when you are thirsty
  • Make flavored ice cubes using your favorite lemon or fruit flavored water or drink
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol as these may increase thirstIf you haven’t done so already, download the Today’s Kidney Diet Summer Cooldown cookbook. You will find even more tasty recipes to serve over the Labor Day.

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Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD

Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD

Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD has been a dietitian for 10 years, working in acute care, sub-acute rehab, and long term care and now works in dialysis with both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. She holds a passion for clinical nutrition research, counseling and education. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, staying active and spending time with her family.