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Red, White and Blue Pie: Perfect Summer Dessert

Red, White and Blue Pie is a great treat low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Light and fluffy, this pie is great for all occasions.

The Ingredients

Cream cheese is used in this recipe to add a heartier texture while keeping the phosphorus low. Whipped topping sweetens this pie, while keeping it light and airy. When choosing a whipped topping, be sure to avoid those with phosphorus additives in the ingredient list. Many of the “generic brand” whipped toppings do not contain phosphorus additives, but be sure to double check as this is not true for all products. This recipe calls for low-sugar red raspberry preserves, but sugar free can be substituted if desired.

The Shopping & Prepping

The ingredients were easy to find at multiple grocery stores, and preparing this recipe was extremely simple! There was very little preparation, and most of the time, you just stir ingredients together!

Our Village Tasters

The Red, White and Blue Pie was well received by patients and teammates alike! Everyone loved how light and sweet the pie tasted, and really enjoyed the crunch from the graham cracker crust.


  • Full fat cream cheese can be substituted for the light cream cheese if you are having trouble keeping weight on. If you have the opposite problem and want to reduce calories, choose fat-free cream cheese. However the light cream cheese tasted just right.
  • Substitute fruit preserves of your liking for the low-sugar raspberry preserves. Try different flavors! Strawberry preserves with fresh sliced strawberries would be a delicious!
  • Instead of making one large pie, and cutting it into 8 slices, consider making mini pies.

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Joseph Ewing, RD, LDN

Joseph Ewing, RD, LDN

Joseph Ewing, RD, LDN is a renal dietitian with DaVita, a freelance dietitian and a personal chef in addition to being a co-author of four cook books. Among them is the "Feed Your Athlete: A Cookbook to Fuel High Performance". Joseph has degrees in culinary nutrition and culinary arts from Johnson and Wales University and completed a dietetic internship program at the University of Maryland. Joseph has over a decade of experience in the culinary nutrition industry.