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New “Healthy” Fast Food Eateries

New Restaurants Emgerging

One day, what appeared to be a healthy fast food place caught my eye. My fellow DaVita dietitian, Kim, and I decided to check it out. It is one location of a growing franchise called Clean Eatz. Their aim is to provide fresh food to people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle. They serve clean, whole foods that are locally sourced with an emphasis on fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and unsaturated fats with whole grains. There is a limit on added sodium, sugar, refined carbs and saturated fats. And you won’t find any  sugar packets here for your freshly brewed tea, but you will find flavor infused water options.

The Clean Eatz menu has appetizers, build-your-own bowls and salads, wraps and flatbreads, sandwiches and burgers, sides, snacks and smoothies. There is a selection of low-allergen, gluten free, or vegan/vegetarian options as well. It may be a healthy quick option for some people, but what about people with kidney disease?

Plant-Based Options

Plant-based foods have become very popular lately, and they are known to help fight inflammation from chronic disease and preserve some measure of kidney function. The Illinois Council on Renal Nutrition hosted a seminar in Spring 2022 featuring professionals who spoke of the extensive research that supports the health benefits of plant-based eating. If you’re interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into your kidney diet, download the free Plant Based Eating cookbook on

Many restaurants and companies that offer meal plans, such as Clean Eatz, have a comprehensive menu posted online that breaks down the nutrition info of each individual ingredient, from veggies, protein type and grain choice to spice and sauce additions. This information helps renal dietitians review the best food choices with their patients. Also, since the phosphorus and potassium is organic in these clean whole foods, it is less absorbed than the additive forms.

“Clean eating” restaurants could be a great option for people with kidney disease. Check and see if there are similar restaurants where you live, or ask your kidney dietitian.

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Jodi has been a renal dietitian since 2000, working with both in-center and home dialysis patients. She believes proper nutrition fuels the body and mind. Her goal is to simplify a healthy renal diet for her patients and helping them follow it in real life situations. She likes to carve time for trail walks, outdoor lunch breaks, and especially time and travel with her family.