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Kidney Diet Recipes for a Happy Independence Day

Nothing is better than a home cooked meal and the gathering of family and friends to celebrate the Red, White and Blue of Independence Day! Confused on what to eat this holiday? We have some terrific kidney-friendly DaVita recipes to help spice up your Independence Day holiday planning and festivities!

Salads and Sides

Put a spin on your salads and sides selection this year! We’ve made kidney-watermelon salad on red, white, blue backgroundfriendly versions of some of the most popular summer side dishes. Special attention to sodium, potassium and phosphorus will help you stay on track.


Grilled entrees are very common for summer BBQs. We have included some   grilled and non-grilled items to offer a variety at the celebration. Keep sodium in check by using flavorful home made condiments, low-sodium homemade marinades, herbs and spices instead of salt and .


Make dessert a hit with some of these red, white and blue favorites! Fresh berries are low in potassium and high in antioxidants, plus add fiber.


While you’re making a splash with your recipes this Independence Day, here are some tips for keeping fluids in check if you have a fluid limit.

  • Skip the salty foods and condiments that can cause you to be thirsty.
  • Freeze some grapes or berries and enjoy each one as a mini Popsicle.
  • Opt for caffeine free beverages. Beverages containing caffeine can make you thirsty.
  • Enjoy pieces of ice to munch on instead of drinking liquids to quench your thirst.

Whether you are celebrating Independence Day at home this year or traveling to see family or friends, following your kidney diet is easier than you think with these kidney-friendly recipes. Let us know what you think!


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Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD

Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD

Stephanie Suhai, MS, RD has been a dietitian for 10 years, working in acute care, sub-acute rehab, and long term care and now works in dialysis with both hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients. She holds a passion for clinical nutrition research, counseling and education. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, staying active and spending time with her family.