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A Gift from the Heart: Homemade Seasoning Blends

Looking for a homemade-holiday gift to give your loved one with chronic kidney disease (CKD)? Consider salt-free herb and spice seasoning blends. These tasty spice combinations contain herbs and spices without the salt or other high-sodium ingredients. The benefit for people with CKD is the low sodium content. People with CKD have a reduced ability to balance sodium and water in their body. Therefore, most people on a kidney diet need to control sodium and fluid in order to protect their heart. In addition to CKD patients, a low-sodium diet is often recommended for people with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

So if you enjoy creating handmade-holiday gifts a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) salt-free seasoning blend is the gift that is from your heart and good for theirs!

Time and Money Saver

Herb and spice mixes don’t have to be pricey. Some tips to get the best ingredients for the best value include buying from a bulk supplier or co-op and buying whole spices and grinding them yourself in a dedicated coffee grinder. This will give a fresh smell and a fine grind.

Traditional herb and spice seasoning blends come from all over the world. With so many sweet, spicy and savory varieties to choose from anyone looking for ways to cut sodium while adding flavor will appreciate this present.

Easy and Splendid

If you have a long list of gifts to make, set up a clean production line in your kitchen where you can lay out each herb and spice and make all the gifts at once. After you layer a variety of colorful spice mixes in clear glass bottles, add a label and a ribbon. You will have a pretty gift for any foodie on your list.

When your family and friends receive a homemade gift, they’ll definitely feel that extra hug of love and attention. That’s what the holiday season is all about!

Seasoning Blend Recipes

To make life just a bit easier this time of year, the dietitians at DaVita have put together this helpful list of salt-free spice seasoning blends. All would make an excellent gift for a person with or without CKD or a wonderful addition to your   own pantry!


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Heidi Bennett RD, CBE

Heidi Bennett RD, CBE

Heidi Bennett is a busy mother of two who believes eating well is possible with limited time . She has worked as a clinical dietitian in Wisconsin and now California for over twelve years. Through her experience in a variety of settings , she has found her true calling as a renal dietitian for DaVita. In her free time Heidi loves traveling with her husband and growing fresh ingredients for cooking and preserving.