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Grocery Budgeting in the 21st Century

Penning a list and clipping coupons were surely ways to save money in the past. Now smart phones have outpaced that age-old practice by offering various grocery list applications or “apps”. The apps can be as user-friendly or complex as the consumer needs. Some are free while others can run up to a few dollars. The apps utilize various strategies to limit food costs either at the store or at home. Favado, Grocery iQ and Green Egg Shopper are three top-rated applications to begin exploring.

Favado (available for iPhone and Android): Favado alerts users when favorite items are on sale. App users select their favorite stores in order to review current promotions being offered. Shoppers can then add those promotions to their in-app grocery list. Favado’s website states that using the app can save 30 percent on grocery bills. The app also offers printable coupons that can provide additional savings.

Grocery iQ (available for iPhone, Android devices and online): Grocery iQ allows users to create shopping lists with ease. The app auto-suggests items as the user begins to type and offers non-traditional pathways to add to the in-app list, such as voice recognition and barcode scanning capabilities. The app also allows for lists to be separated by aisle and store. Additional product information, like size and weight, can be added for a more detailed description. The list can be modified by multiple users with different media devices to allow for a “living” household list.

Green Egg Shopper (available for iPhone): Green Egg Shopper helps consumers limit waste and overbuying. The user creates an in-app grocery list that can be marked off as the items are obtained. Once the items are marked off, there is an option to add the expiration date for perishable goods. The application then tracks the expiration dates and provides alerts for items nearing their expiration. Before planning a meal, the user can check the “Use Me Now” list to better decided what to make for dinner.

There are hundreds of other grocery applications with varying features that work differently for every household. Take a look, you might just find an app that works for you and your grocery budgeting needs.

In addition to  the above apps, check out myDaVita, which provides recipes, videos, cookbooks and a meal planner/tracker.

Disclaimer: These reviews are for informational purposes only, and do not constitute medical advice. Before using an app, consult with your healthcare providers and the manufacturer as to the app’s usefulness and accuracy. These reviews are not intended to endorse or confirm the effectiveness or accuracy of the apps featured.

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Melanie Wierda, RD, CSR

Melanie Wierda, RD, CSR

Melanie is thrilled to start her blogging journey with DaVita. She has been a dietitian for over three years. In her free time, she enjoys running, visiting the local farmers' market and volunteering with a local nutrition education program.