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Cinco de Mayo: Fun Facts and Tips for a Kidney-Friendly Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the United States than in Mexico! This special day is the remembrance of Mexico’s victory over France in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. According to Raul Ramos in NBC News, Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla, “is a moment where Mexico as a young nation rallied to defend itself” (1).  Mexico’s victory symbolized its ability to protect itself against a strong and powerful nation and gave citizens pride for their country (2).

Surprisingly, Cinco de Mayo has roots in American history too. According to David Hayes-Bautista, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at the University of California Los Angeles, the celebration on the 5th of May began among Americans in California in the 19th century during the U.S. Civil War when the Confederacy was moving closer to California. According to Hayes-Bautista, Mexico’s defeat of France at the Battle of Puebla inspired Latinos in California to join the Union army and navy.

Today, in the U.S. Cinco de Mayo has become a day of celebration, a day to enjoy Mexican food and beverages with friends and family. Although many traditional Mexican foods are high in potassium and phosphorus, that does not mean delicious ethnic cuisine cannot be enjoyed in a kidney friendly fashion! Here are several recipes from to help you have a fiesta on Cinco de Mayo. Salud!






Chile, Soups, and Stews


To make your own tortillas see: Flour Tortillas and Lower-Phosphorus Flour

Chicken (pollo)  

Fish (pescado)


Rice (arroz) 




Visit for more Mexican inspired kidney-friendly recipes!

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Krista Blackwell, RD, LDN, CNSC

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