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Celebrate the New Year with Kidney-Friendly Appetizers

2017 is right around the corner! On the eve of December 31st some of us will stay up late enjoying the company of friends and family at a fun party or event. Some of us may be hanging out on the couch watching the ball drop in New York City on TV. And for those that can’t keep their eyes open (like myself every single year), go to bed early and watch the highlights on the news the next morning!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate the New Year, celebrations tend to involve delicious foods; foods that may not always be the best choices, especially if you have dietary restrictions. However, there are ways to enjoy almost any food. Talk to your dietitian about how to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet. I have tested several kidney-friendly appetizer recipes from the DaVita website. My list at the end of this article focuses on appetizers that are simple, quick and delicious! These recipes are easy to bring to a party to share or to pass around the living room.

It can be really difficult to make healthy decisions when out to eat or at a party that will be serving food. If you not sure how to tackle the menu or are unsure what will be served, please check out Dining on the Dialysis Diet article. This will help guide you in making the best food decisions available. If you have a plan in place, then you’re more able to focus on the people around you and the New Year’s celebration!

Below are my recommendations for kidney-friendly appetizers. I hope you find one that you and your friends and family enjoy too!

Addictive Pretzels   pretzelsaddictive-1614-smallThis recipe may be recommended on previous articles I have written because my patients, family and I love them so much! I always end up being able to coat more than a 32 ounce bag of pretzels with the seasoning amount listed in the recipe, but it’s really up to you depending on your taste buds.

Tortilla Roll-Ups

This is a patient favorite too! Packed with flavor and super easy to whip together and pass around the room. They look great on an appetizer platter with all the different colors of the ingredients. If you don’t have the DaVita seasoning, you can order here!

Shrimp Spread with Crackers     shrimpdip_0754-smallThis one is super simple to make, takes only a few minutes but is so appetizing! If you’re planning on bringing this appetizer to a party, the finished product looks festive with the parsley garnish on top. If you’re staying at home with nobody to impress, feel free to skip if you don’t have the parsley or you forget to grab it at the store (which I have done)!


Raw Veggies and Dip

A classic appetizer, but a favorite of mine tweaked to include kidney-friendly vegetables and dip.

Pineapple-Sweet Onion Salsa with Tortilla Chips

This takes a few more steps but is still super easy. This is so good, I have doubled or tripled it for a larger group or you can keep in the fridge up to 4 days to enjoy for yourself. The flavor of this appetizer really comes out after left to sit in the fridge for at least a few hours. I usually prepare the night before I’m planning on serving it.

What are ways you celebrate New Year’s?  Do you have any dishes and/or appetizers you enjoy every New Year’s Eve? Please comment below!

Abby Tibodeau, RD, LD

Abby Tibodeau, RD, LD

Abby has been a renal dietitian for over five years and continues to learn new things every day. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three children. Abby is currently working on her master's degree in dietetics.