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June 3, 2015

Today’s Kidney Diet Summertime Cookbook


Now that summer is here it’s time to pull out your favorite summer recipes and take advantage of seasonal produce and lighter meals.

In addition to your own favorite recipes, DaVita dietitians have put together 16 fresh, easy-to-prepare recipes that are perfect for summer in the latest cookbook “Today’s Kidney Diet: Healthy Summertime Recipes“. Read more…

November 25, 2013

5 Kidney-Friendly Diet Tips to a Healthy Thanksgiving

By guest blogger DaVita dietitian Susan Lupackino, MHS, RD, LDN

DaVitaTurkeyRoast-6021I love this time of year. Falling leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange, brown, gold and yellow. Farmers’ markets are selling seasonal pumpkins and winter squash, coffee shops are serving spiced coffee and tea, and there’s a cool, brisk, and invigorating nip in the air. Apple Pie and Cornbread Muffins are baking in the oven and the swirl of colors and smells come together to make Fall a magical season. Read more…

August 26, 2011

New! Diabetes and kidney diet cookbooks ready to download now

Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to eat? One suggestion from seasoned cooks is to start a collection of well-liked recipes and incorporate these into your weekly meal planning. The more often you make the recipes, the easier it is to whip out a meal with little fuss.

To help you get started, DaVita has developed two recipe books that  include some of the most popular diabetes and kidney-friendly breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. You can download both cookbooks from DaVita.com.

Check out DaVita Kidney Diet Delights, 9 Kidney-Friendly Recipes from the DaVita Kitchen for anyone following a chronic kidney disease or dialysis diet. These low potassium, low phosphorus, low sodium recipes will help you manage minerals while enjoying great tasting food.

Healthy Cooking with Diabetes: 10 Simple Recipes from DaVita’s Dietitians is perfect for people with diabetes without kidney disease or diabetes with early stages of kidney disease. This tasty collection was designed to help you with an eating plan that incorporates diabetes-friendly recipes for better glucose control and healthier eating.

Go to DaVita.com today to download your copy of these flavorful cooking collections. No charge–all you need to do is register and download your cookbooks.

Be sure to tell your family, friends and caregivers about these new recipe resources.

Dietitians, we invite you to share these cooking collections with your patients who have diabetes and/or kidney disease. If you are attending the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Expo in San Diego September 24-27, stop by the DaVita booth to check out our kidney diet resources.  I look forward to meeting you!

DaVita Dietitian Sara


Kidney diet resources from DaVita.com



June 10, 2010

Kidney Diet Cookbooks

One of the biggest helpers with learning about and following a kidney diet is a good kidney diet cookbook. Several years ago I posted the National Kidney Foundation kidney cookbook list for you to use as a guide. 

Here’s a link to the latest version: http://www.kidney.org/professionals/CRN/cookbooks.cfm. I also want to tell you about some of the recipe books for dialysis and chronic kidney patients that I have in my collection.

At the top of my list is my own renal cookbook called Read more…

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