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Stay on the Budget Nice List

The holiday season brings great memories, good food and cherished time with family and friends. However, the season also has a tendency to leave families on the naughty budget list. Here are a few strategies to make it a little easier to stay on Santa’s good side.

First, determine a budget for the season’s festivities. Once a budget is set, break the budget down into categories, such as: decorations, gifts, travel, and special meals. Now challenge yourself to stick to it!

Second, plan the special meal in advance. Determine the main dish, side dishes, dessert, appetizers and beverages. You can invite guests to bring their favorite dessert, appetizer or beverage to share the preparation and cost. Another idea is to serve appropriate portion sizes, meaning do not cook for twelve guests when only six will be at the table. Smaller portion sizes will help curb that post-holiday meal stomach bulge, while also keeping your daily intake of sodium, potassium and phosphorus on track. An alternative idea is to cook larger portions or a bigger bird to eat as leftovers. Just aim to not have food waste. Also try to set time aside to allow for the meal to be made from scratch. While the store prepared varieties are time savers, they are more costly than the raw ingredients and typically higher in sodium and phosphorus additives. Before you head to the grocery store check the pantry, freezer and refrigerator to take note of items that do not need to be repurchased. If you are in need of some inspiration, explore and its numerous recipes fit for any special celebration.

Third, get creative with the gift giving. Homemade gifts are great for extended family, coworkers and teachers. Homemade soap, single plant terrariums or baked goods are simple ways to make someone feel special

Enjoy this holiday season while still staying on the nice list!

Melanie Wierda, RD, CSR

Melanie Wierda, RD, CSR

Melanie is thrilled to start her blogging journey with DaVita. She has been a dietitian for over three years. In her free time, she enjoys running, visiting the local farmers' market and volunteering with a local nutrition education program.