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Low Potassium Early Spring Vegetables

Spring gardens bring an abundance of fresh early spring vegetables to grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Grab your favorite bag and enjoy shopping for this week’s veggies.

The Potassium Challenge

One of the challenges for some people when following a kidney-friendly diet is the restriction on high potassium vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, chard and spinach. It can seem overwhelming when many favorite foods are limited.







However, there are many lower potassium early spring vegetables to choose from that you can fit into your diet. Some suggestions include asparagus, lettuces, green onions also known as scallions, and green peas. Your dietitian can provide a guide for portion size and how many servings you can safely include each day.

Eating should be enjoyable, and early spring is a great time to explore and try many of these early spring vegetable choices. You can check out a local farmers’ market near you to see what is available in your area by visiting the USDA’s market directory.

Recipes for Early Spring Vegetables

Maybe you’ve never tried some of these vegetables or maybe you need some new ideas for meals. There are many spring vegetable recipes available to choose from to bring variety and enjoyment into your meals.

Red Wine Vinaigrette Asparagus

Feta Pasta with Chicken and Asparagus

Shrimp and Asparagus Linguini

Asparagus and Cheese Crepe Rolls with Parsley

Creamy Peas with Shells and Bacon

Fiesta Roll Ups

I know sometimes when I cook and try out a new recipe, I want to see a picture of what it might look like or a video on how to cook it. I think it gives me more confidence in trying it when I know what the end product should look like. So taste with your eyes these short one minute videos on recipes with low potassium vegetables and see what you could make.

Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad with Green Onions

Strawberry Goat Cheese Spring Salad


A one cup serving, the potassium level of asparagus is 202 mg, green onions 138 mg, green peas 135 mg. A one cup serving of shredded lettuce has 112 mg and one cup of raw spinach has 167 mg of potassium. In addition, these vegetables are low in sodium.

Always consult your dietitian or doctor for the specific diet that is right for you as kidney diet guidelines vary for each individual.

Michele Damon, RDN

Michele Damon, RDN

Michele has been a dietitian since 2002. She enjoys vegetable gardening, cooking, trying new foods and ethnic restaurants. MIchele volunteers as a board member for her local farmers' market. She also help with cooking demos and am passionate about having people try local foods, new foods and keeping farming in her home state, New Jersey.