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Liquid low cholesterol egg product: use in a kidney diet


How much liquid egg product equals 1 egg?

1/4 cup = 1 egg

1/2 cup = 2 eggs

1 cup = 4 eggs

one 16-ounce carton = 8 eggs 

What are the ingredients in low cholesterol egg products?

Formulations vary with brands. The main ingredient is egg white, a high quality protein that can be used to increase protein intake in the dialysis diet. Additional additives include coloring—often from beta carotene, spices, salt and thickeners such as starch or gums.Some egg products contain vegetable oil; others are fat free. An egg contains 5 grams of fat—found in the yolk. The whites are fat-free.Lecithin, an emulsifier naturally found in egg yolk may also be added. Nonfat milk or soy protein is added to some brands, contributing to higher phosphorus and potassium content. Compare brands to select the best match of ingredients to a renal diet. 

What is the nutrient content of low cholesterol egg product?

Nutrient ranges from a variety of liquid low cholesterol egg products include:(1/4 cup portion)Calories 20-96

Protein 5-7.5 g

Fat 0-6 g

Cholesterol 0-2 mg

Sodium 95-120 mg

Potassium 55-206 mg

Phosphorus 20-76 mg

Calcium 20-44 mg 

Added nutrients may include vitamin A, B6, B12, D, iron, folic acid, zinc, riboflavin and thiamin. 

Are low cholesterol egg products safe to use raw?

People with kidney failure are at higher risk for illness if exposed to salmonella. All egg substitutes are pasteurized. For this reason, low cholesterol egg product is safe to use in protein shakes, homemade frozen dessert, or other recipes that contain uncooked eggs.

Sara Colman, RDN, CDCES

Sara Colman, RDN, CDCES

Sara is a renal dietitian with over 30 years experience working with people with diabetes and kidney disease. She is co-author of the popular kidney cookbook "Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook". Sara is the Manager of Kidney Care Nutrition for DaVita. She analyzes recipes and creates content, resources and tools for the kidney community. In her spare time Sara loves to spend time with her young grandson, including fun times together in her kitchen.