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Healthy Homemade Treats

Why make treats or snacks at home? You may want to have healthier homemade treats. For patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and those on dialysis, there are some nutrients to keep in balance—sodium and phosphorus in particular. One advantage of making healthy homemade treats and snacks is that you control what is going into your food. Here are a few ideas to replace store-bought treats or snacks with a homemade version.

Protein Bars

Let’s take a look at snack bars. There are many different kinds of snack bars, cereal bars and protein bars on the market. It can be challenging to find the best choice. Some bars contain artificial ingredients, and may be low in protein and fiber. It can be difficult to find bars that contain whole foods. No-Bake Peanutty Oat Bars is a protein bar recipe made with oatmeal that adds fiber, and protein powder to boost the protein content. If you are not on dialysis and follow a low-protein diet, the protein powder can be left out.


Popcorn is an easy, popular treat. Most people pop a bag in the microwave, buy already popped and flavored popcorn, or grab a bucket at the movies. But what is on that popcorn? It is important to know how the popcorn is prepared. Popping kernels on the stove top puts you in control. The amount of oil, salt and other ingredients can easily be adjusted at home. This is not an option when eating popcorn commercially prepared. Here is a great, easy recipe for Popcorn 3 Ways with three different toppings for an easy, low-sodium treat.


Muffins are another treat that may be more kidney-friendly when made at home. Many store-bought muffins are more like dessert, a cupcake without frosting. When you make muffins at home, you can sneak in vegetables like zucchini or carrots and fruits like apples or berries. You get the extra nutrients while still enjoying sweet homemade treats. This Zucchini Muffin recipe is a good one to have on hand. Or for more protein try these Protein Booster Blueberry Muffins.

More Homemade Treats

Here are some other ideas for treats or snacks that can be made at home.

  • Mix plain Greek yogurt with honey and cinnamon. This is a fantastic dip for fruit, such as grapes or apples. Plus, the yogurt provides a little protein.
  • Use sour cream with herbs or chives mixed in and serve with cucumber slices, baby carrots or celery sticks.
  • Another traditional snack is frozen grapes. Remove the stems and lay them out on a cookie sheet, then freeze for about an hour. The grapes can then be portioned out into snack bags for a quick treat. Here is a recipe for Frosted Grapes that gives this idea a sweet kick!

Thinking outside the box on snacks at home can put you in the position to control what you are eating and provide healthier options. What are some of your favorites?

For more snack ideas read “Kidney-Friendly Healthy Snack Options“.

Additional Kidney Diet Resources

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This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Consult your physician and dietitian regarding your specific diagnosis, treatment, diet and health questions.

Jackie Termont, RD

Jackie Termont, RD

Jackie has been a dietitian since 2007, and has been dedicated to renal nutrition since 2008. For two years she was the editor for the Renal Nutrition Forum, a publication for the Renal Practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She enjoys baking, crafting, spending time with her sons and husband, and being active. She loves to experiment and come up with new recipes.