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Study: Continuation of Loop Diuretics after Dialysis Initiation: Association with Clinical Outcomes

Patients with chronic kidney disease who are on loop diuretics frequently discontinue the diuretics after initiating hemodialysis. Despite regular dialysis treatments, many end stage renal disease patients continue to experience frequent episodes of volume and potassium overload, which can contribute to increased risk of morbidity and mortality. DaVita Clinical Research conducted an analysis to determine whether continuing loop diuretics after dialysis start could have a positive effect on clinical outcomes over the first year on dialysis.

After adjusting for differences in patient characteristics, continuation of loop diuretics after dialysis initiation (versus discontinuation) was found to be associated with lower rates of hospitalization and intradialytic hypotension and a favorable trend in mortality. No differences in predialysis systolic blood pressure, interdialytic weight gain or serum potassium concentration were observed.

For more information, read the research poster (which was presented at ASN) here.

Managing Editor