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Podcast: Patient-Centered Care for Dialysis Patients

In the dialysis industry, patients frequently perceive that they are all receiving the same “cookie-cutter care.” It is important for health care professionals to address this perception and focus on factors that are important to each patient: Most patients would like to reduce hospital admissions, but what are the factors specific to the individual? Traveling? Staying at home? More time with family?

Listen to this podcast, in which Francesca Tentori, MD, reviews the current state of care in the dialysis industry, the challenges involved with providing patient-centered care, related research and the future of patient-centered care.


Francesca Tentori, MD, MSCI

Francesca Tentori, MD, MSCI

Francesca Tentori, MD, is the vice president of DaVita’s Outcomes Research and Patient Empowerment team and an adjunct instructor in medicine at Vanderbilt University. She spent 10 years as a research scientist at Arbor Research Collaborative for Health, where she worked on the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study and led the development of the patient-centered research area. Previously, she acted as assistant medical director for quality management at Dialysis Clinic Inc. Dr. Tentori graduated from the University of Milan and is board certified in internal medicine and nephrology.