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Videos: 2 Ways to Help Improve Physician Time Management

With responsibilities typically spanning across a high number of patients and administrative tasks, it is imperative for physicians to effectively manage their time to maintain a balanced life. Here are two approaches that can help you complete your work more efficiently to have more time for your patients and personal interests.

1. Physician scheduling

It is imperative to have a balanced, efficient schedule as a busy nephrologist. Creating an effective schedule must involve collaborating with practice managers and taking into account personal preference while meeting both clinical and business objectives. A general rule of thumb is having a balance between clinic schedules and time allotment for dialysis and hospital rounding. The balance for these location changes are often based on seniority. Watch the video below to learn scheduling approximations for a new versus an established physician.

2. Medical Assistant Support

In addition to managing physician scheduling, hiring medical assistants (MAs) can to increase physician productivity, practice efficiency, physician work/life balance and quality of patient care. MAs can give you the gift of time by helping with lab prep, chart prep and helping with satellite locations. If you or the other physicians at your practice are feeling overworked, consider hiring a MA to help alleviate the burden. Watch the video below to learn more.

Donna Reesman, NP

Donna Reesman, NP

Donna Reesman, NP, is the director of physician practice integration and special projects at Nephrology Practice Solutions. She has experience in management and as an adult nurse practitioner with nephrology patients. Ms. Reesman previously worked for 15 years at a local hospital in Michigan as a staff nurse in critical care, a nurse manager and a clinical nurse specialist. She also worked as a director of clinical services at a nephrology private practice in Michigan for 12 years, with experiences ranging from direct practice management, compliance, HIPAA and working as a safety and security officer and an adult nurse practitioner. She received her bachelor of science degree at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and her master’s degree as an adult nurse practitioner from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan.