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Study: The Link between Obesity and Better Clinical Outcomes in Hemodialysis

In advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), obesity has been paradoxically linked with better clinical outcomes. The mechanisms that underlie this paradox are not well known. A study conducted by DaVita Clinical Research aimed to identify the factors behind this paradox—and narrowed in on Omega 3 intake, which has been linked to many beneficial impacts on cardiovascular health, including positive effects on lipid profiles, insulin resistance and platelet aggregation. The study found that a higher BMI is associated with increased EPA and DHA red blood cell incorporation, which, in turn, has been linked to better cardiovascular outcomes. This may help explain the consistent association between obesity and better clinical outcomes for hemodialysis patients.

For more information, read the research poster here.

Ana Rita Martins, MD, PhD

Ana Rita Martins, MD, PhD

Ana Rita Martins, MD, is a clinical nephrologist at Davita Óbidos, Portugal and also serves at Santa Cruz Hospital (Ocidental Lisbon Central Hospital). She received her medical degree at Santa Maria Hospital Medical School (Classical Lisbon University). In 2015, she initiated studies toward a PhD.