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New Thermometers Offer a Degree of Success

Did you know the United States sends 330 tons of waste to the landfill every minute? That’s more than 50 elephants’ worth of waste! Reducing the burden on our landfills is essential, and one of the ways for DaVita to do this is to reduce the resources we use.


DaVita Explorers, DaVita’s clinical operations process improvement team, just finished a project that does just that. Last year, DaVita switched from single-use disposable thermometers to reusable infrared thermometers. This shift is expected to prevent 50 tons of waste from hitting landfills each year and because it also reduces the number of shipments that DaVita centers receive, it helps lower the amount  of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere each year.


The shift to infrared thermometers also supports DaVita’s efforts to provide quality patient care. The new thermometers measure temperature in a short amount of time, provide accurate temperature readings and are designed to measure temperature without direct patient contact. These benefits, when combined with a significant environmental footprint reduction, make for a red-hot project.


DaVita continually looks for opportunities to reduce resource use and waste output in operations and remains dedicated to improving patient care. Visit DaVita’s Community Care Report to learn more about these efforts.

Sean Mangus

Sean Mangus

Sean is a Senior Sustainability Analyst for Village Green, DaVita’s corporate sustainability team. He lives and works in Denver where he was born and raised. In his free time he enjoys hiking, fishing, and homebrewing beer.