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One Center’s Construction Waste is Another’s Art

Adopting sustainable practices has many great advantages, not the least of which includes protecting our environment. If everyone started practicing the basic principles of eco-friendly living, it could greatly decrease significant levels of waste within our society and beyond. A seemingly small change like proper waste sorting is one example, as it is better for the environment when waste is correctly separated and processed then reused to make new products when possible.

The concept of green-mindedness also carries over into the construction of buildings. Many may not realize it, but buildings have a significant impact on the health and well-being of people and the planet.  DaVita’s practice of construction waste diversion from landfills involves diverting waste, while promoting the reuse and recycling of construction material.

In 2019, we had a unique recycling success story. With the help of a local general contractor in Georgia, the DaVita Team Genesis project management team, which oversees construction and renovations for DaVita, was able to reduce and divert 250 pounds of waste from one new dialysis center to another dialysis center to be repurposed. The image below shows reclaimed barn wood during the construction process, which was first used at DaVita Fairburn Dialysis Center in Palmetto, GA then upcycled to DaVita Riverdale Home Dialysis in Memphis, TN.

Sustainability and minimizing building impact on the environment is a primary consideration for the local general contractor in Georgia, and many other contractors are also becoming more aware of the importance of becoming green-minded. This same contractor also utilized a container management company that institutes green policies, like repurposing materials. Its process involves sorting construction and demolition material into plastics, wood, paper, aluminum, cardboard, carpet and metals, with a primary objective to remain environmentally friendly.

Recent Team Genesis efforts to become more sustainability-minded are supported across DaVita’s global Village.  DaVita created its Village Green (sustainability) program in 2007 to help steward resources and create protocols that aim to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. Village Green provides robust educational opportunities and initiatives for teammates to encourage a shared ownership of conservation efforts.

I’m proud to work for a company that takes its commitment to environment seriously. I look forward to finding more opportunities to help reduce DaVita’s impact on the environment when we build and relocate dialysis centers. To learn more about DaVita’s sustainability efforts, visit DaVita.com.

Wade McKnight

Wade McKnight

Wade McKnight is a Sr. Project Manager on the Design and Construction team within Team Genesis. He is responsible for the oversight and management of design and construction related projects supporting several divisions within the Trailblazers Operating Group. Projects include DeNovos (New Dialysis Center), Relocations, Expansions and Special Initiatives. Responsibilities also include financial modeling and budgets, schedules and vendor coordination in preparing the facility for Certificate of Occupancy and survey readiness to receive Licensure and/or Certification.