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The Reason for the Season: Gratitude

Around the holiday season, many people take time to reconnect with friends and family, and reflect on what they are most grateful for in their lives. Feeling grateful for things and, more importantly, people we have in our lives has tangible benefits. Did you know that experiencing feelings of gratitude and expressing gratitude has been associated with helping you improve your relationships and may even help you sleep better? Research has found that feeling grateful helps people sleep better and longer, especially if they count their blessings or express gratitude right before bed.

One way that DaVita teammates show gratitude is through the DaVita’s Caregiver Honors program. The Caregiver Honors program provides several avenues for patients and teammates to give thanks for the service excellence that others provide. One way the program encourages patients and teammates to express gratitude is through letter writing.

This is a special program to DaVita because many people do not take the time to hand write notes anymore, so it adds a unique touch. This program was inspired by John Kralik, author of 365 Thank Yous. Kralik wrote one thank you note a day for a whole year. He says that one of the benefits of a handwritten note is that a piece of you will be in the same room with the person to whom you write. Taking the time for a seemingly simple gesture like this can go a long way. You may never know the positive impact of your actions and what they might mean to someone.

Since 2014, DaVita has shared 114,000 notes in more than 1,400 locations across the globe. At DaVita we believe that caring for our patients and caring for each other are both important and that showing thanks is a great way to care for others. It’s how we live the DaVita Way.

Another way that we show gratitude is through honoring teammates with Core Value awards. Core Value awards are given to teammates who live the DaVita Way and exhibit the Core Values of Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Fulfillment and Fun in their day to day lives, both in and out of the workplace.. Siovean Lehner, senior designer for DaVita, was a recent recipient of a Core Value award for Accountability. She shares below what receiving this award meant to her and how she got to this point in her journey at DaVita.

“The Core Value award of Accountability is so important in a career and life, even though it can be vulnerable at times. It can help you learn and grow. Receiving this award was an honor and an honor that made me cry. Showing up every day with enthusiasm and taking time to network with Village partners. I also like to think I have happy leadership, which reflects a great environment to grow in. They’re part of what keeps me looking forward to making a different in patients’ lives.”

How will you express gratitude this season? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

Rachel Maly

Rachel Maly

Rachel is a Social Media and Communications Coordinator for DaVita and has been with the Village for just over a year. She focuses primarily on sharing patient education content and loves to opportunity to share the stories of the Village.