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DaVita Celebrates Its Superhero Facility Administrators, Hospital Services Administrators and Home Program Managers

From Nov. 4-8, DaVita is celebrating its second annual Facility Administrators (FAs), Hospital Services Administrators (HSAs) and Home Program Managers (HPMs) Appreciation Week.  These leaders work hard every day to improve the lives of patients and to support their teams.

We asked teammates to share how their local leaders create a special place for them and patients, and received an overwhelming amount of responses! Here are some of the amazing notes that stood out. Thank you to all of our FAs, HSAs and HPMs!

“Surley Lago has transformed DaVita’s Center for Kidney Disease into a: ‘I want to go to work today place’…Surley does not only serve as an office manager representing DaVita, his managerial skills transfer to the floor when we need assistance. When any challenging or unexpected emerging situation knocks to our unit, Surley is always there to support. His help has no boundaries he goes from assisting technicians, nurses, or simply by supporting a patient emotionally… I want to take this opportunity to honor him and thank him for his valuable and outstanding performance as a facility administrator.” – Karelia Hernandez, Center for Kidney Disease at North Shore patient care technician, said of FA Surley Lago

Karelia Hernandez and Surley Lago


“Our facility administrator makes our center a special place just by actually caring about and for all of our teammates. One example of this, for me, would be when my husband passed away unexpectedly this past June. David was the first person to dig into resources and offered to help me navigate my way through the devastating process. He made such a difference in my time of need. He continues to follow up with me to make sure I know that he has my back. There are many other examples of the great things he does for our team. I would like him to know how much I really do appreciate how much he really does care about us.” – Regina Alarqan, Bluemound Dialysis Center administrative assistant, highlighted FA David Hyatt

Regina Alarqann and David Hyatt


“Kathy creates a special place for me. I would say she is the best boss I have had in 40 years of nursing. She has encouraged and motivated me to reach my full potential. She recognizes my strengths and finds ways to put them into action. She is willing to substantiate her confidence in me by providing opportunities and recognition. I respect and am grateful for her leadership. She has been a great influence in our PD world.” – Suzanne Caldwell, Sylva Dialysis Center clinical coordinator, shared about Group HPM Kathy Walsh

Sue Caldwell and Kathy Walsh


“Our FA’s hard work, commitment and invaluable contributions to our company and center make her top notch. The ways she leads our team members by role modeling and positive reinforcement are true reflections of her character. For example, we currently have a Biggest Loser Challenge that began on Sept. 5 and will end Jan. 1, 2020. This has created an environment where we share healthy recipes, workout routines and weight loss goals…Her innovative ideas and passion for the job has created a fun place to work and environment where you can become THE BEST TEAMMATE.” – Triscia Haley, Banning Dialysis Center administrative assistant, highlighted FA Elizabeth Clark

Triscia Haley and Elizabeth Clark


“Deirdra has created a center in which we, her teammates, can be ourselves and be open with one another. A place where we can have fun, enjoy ourselves, and LOVE coming to work. My teammates and I have no issues amongst ourselves. In fact, we have absolute love and respect for each other. We are all treated equally, regardless of our roles or how we came to be there. Deirdra is not only our boss, but a leader we all look towards and can confide in. She is a fierce and competent leader, and we admire her tremendously. She pushes all of us to go for our goals, mine in particular. I am forever thankful, that this AMAZING woman has come into my life. Deirdra has created a sense of home and family within this work place, and I know I speak for my teammates as well when I say that we are lucky indeed to be where we are and whom we are with.” – Leticia Zackowski, Parker Dialysis Center patient care technician, shared about FA Deirdra White

Deirdra White and team


“Bryan has been so supportive of our team. Always available when needed, and always one-step ahead of us to make sure that we have the necessary tools/supplies and support needed to provide outstanding care for our patients. Somehow, in the midst of all the business he still manages to acknowledge special events in the lives of our team–birthdays, anniversaries, awards, births, weddings special acknowledgements and shout outs. And, while life still happens in between the happy events there are times of grieving (such as a family members passing away), and Bryan is sensitive to the sad times as well by sending encouragement and words of kindness. This “job” feels more like family because of the leadership Bryan provides. Thank you, Bryan, for all you do. It does not go unnoticed!” – Kathleen Dembach, Fresno Acutes RN, said of HSA Bryan Smith

Rachel Maly

Rachel Maly

Rachel is a Social Media and Communications Coordinator for DaVita and has been with the Village for just over a year. She focuses primarily on sharing patient education content and loves to opportunity to share the stories of the Village.