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DaVita Teammate and Husband Tackle Weight Loss as Team

I knew it was time to make a lifestyle change a while ago, but it all came to head one day while on vacation. My husband and I had put everything we had into our family, our children and their sports activities, work and so much else that we continued to neglect ourselves. While in Hawaii in February of 2018 celebrating our anniversary, we struggled to get through what was once a simple hike for us, so we vowed to change when we returned back to California.

My husband enrolled in nutritional classes and went once a week during his lunch period for 12 weeks. His lifestyle changes became a family affair. We meal-prepped together (for us and our three boys), exercised together, logged our food together and so on and so forth. We had a buddy system, and we kept each other accountable. I was excited on Tuesday evenings when I could go over his notes from his lifestyle/nutrition class and see his progress – also reaping the benefits myself!

From May through October while my boys were out at football practice, I made a commitment to walk/jog the football track and run up and down the bleachers, increasing reps as the exercise got easier. It’s a marathon not a sprint…blah blah blah…I had heard that too many times before, but I was finally making a lifestyle change that was long overdue and that quote resonated with me.

As a team, my husband and I got healthier, stronger and we lost a little bit of weight – he is now down 50 pounds and I’m down 35. Perhaps that isn’t a lot for some folks, but it has been the motivation we have needed to continue making the right choices, while still having some fun along the way (French fries are still my favorite food) and using moderation as a guide.

This journey is still not over with more work to be done and more weight to be lost. The journey is, however, a little easier, a little healthier and hopefully a lot longer. On a side note, thank you DaVita for having health insurance plans that have nutritional counseling classes to help us invest in ourselves and our health!

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Dahlia Ackerman

Dahlia Ackerman