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DaVita, Defenders of the Universe: Wall of Fame Contest Brings People Together

Seventeen years ago, in 2002, the first Wall of Fame contest kicked off. There were 176 Wall of Fame projects created that first time around. Fast forward to 2019, and we have over 1,200 Walls created, which also includes participation from around the world!

The Wall of Fame is an annual group project intended to bring teammates, physicians and patients together through creativity and connection. Teams create a themed wall including a photo and four fun facts for each participant, and the wall is displayed in a prominent place within the clinic or business office.   For the contest, each location submits photographs and a description of their decorated wall, and extra credit is given in the judging for those walls that also incorporate the annual theme.

The theme for the 2019 Wall of Fame Contest was “Let’s Go to the Movies!” The Village had fun creating walls inspired by movies such as “Star Wars,” “Wizard of Oz” and “Finding Nemo,” just to name a few.

One of the unique aspects about the contest is that leadership is involved in the judging process for these amazing walls that teammates create–regional operations directors selected the 194 “Regional Winners,” Divisional Vice Presidents selected the 62 “Divisional Winners,” and our CEO, Javier Rodriguez selected the 6 “Best in Village Winners.”

For the final stage of judging, in true democratic DaVita fashion, over 2,000 teammates voted on who would take home the highest honor of the contest with the title of “Village Choice.” The 2019 Village Choice winner is Sabia Hospital in Saudi Arabia. When asked about the inspiration behind their creation they said “We produced our own movie titled “DaVita, Defenders of the Universe.”

This movie is inspired by outer space films such as “Star Wars,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Thor,” wherein the heroes of the film protect humankind against the villains. In the DaVita Village, we are the heroes in our clinics that defend the patients and teammates against harm, adverse situations, and potential danger. Like heroes, we are in charge of creating a peaceful, safe, and special place.

Although the team at Sabia Hospital was the ultimate winner of this year’s contest, there were thousands of other patients and teammates whom were impacted by the spirit of community that this program helps to create. Kyra Smith, a DaVita social worker from Pella Dialysis in Pella, Iowa said “Our team worked together from the beginning to the end to make the wall come together! The patients enjoyed sharing their favorite movie, favorite actor/actress, first movie they saw in the theater, and their favorite movie snack. Many of these questions sparked further conversation for the patients.”

Hats off to the winners and for everyone who participated in the program. We hope patients, teammates and visitors in our clinics enjoy these creative walls and that the annual Wall of Fame program will continue to bring people together.

Martha Alexander

Martha Alexander

Martha Alexander is an analyst on the Village Programs team and has been with DaVita for 10 years. She manages the Wall of Fame program for DaVita and enjoys seeing the core values of Team and Fun being demonstrated as teammates come together