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Wake Up Call Sparks a ‘We Are Well’ Winner’s Path to Health

A little over a year ago, my husband Tommy went to the urgent care because he thought he had strep throat. He did end up having it, but little did he know  at the time, that urgent care visit would result in a hospital admission of three days that ended with a diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes.

It was this fiasco that really made us take a hard look at our overall health. We realized that just “looking good” or just “losing the weight” wasn’t the end goal. Both of us wanted to be healthy for our two young children. We want to be able to play and run with the kids in the yard and we want to be there for their graduations, weddings and all the wonderful things to come. Determining our true “why” was paramount in this journey we began.

So, Tommy and I decided to try biking. Immediately, we were both hooked! We have a wonderful greenway right around the corner from our house with tons of trails. Trail riding has become our new date night. I also started riding my bike to work. The commute to work on my bike has been valuable beyond measure physically and mentally. I use the ride over to get mentally focused for the day. On the way home, it’s a wonderful way to decompress and be ready to spend quality time with my family. All the while, burning some extra calories and building muscle.

Over the summer, a friend of mine started a beginners fitness group on Facebook, and this was another turning point for me. She gave me the tools and the confidence to eat healthy and to exercise. It was the first time where I really felt like losing weight wasn’t just possible, but probable. The most beneficial skill I took away from that group was the goal-making process. I learned how to make “SMART” goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time sensitive).

This helped me in my diet, exercise, work, finances, personal development and more. Specifically though, these SMART goal enabled me to create a diet plan that worked for me and a fitness plan that fit in my life as a wife, mom and teammate with DaVita. Last month, I took her intermediate course that focused more on exercise, and I obtained the skills to build my own rigorous fitness plan at home.

It’s been a journey with a lot of ups and downs and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but our two beautiful children are so worth it. I’ve been given this body as wonderful gift, and it’s my job to be a good steward of it. I want to set an example of lifelong healthy living for my kids. We are by no means finished, but we are constantly learning how to eat healthier, stay active and live a well-balanced life every single day.

Every DaVita teammate has access to our Employee Assistance Program. This is a great resource that can help guide teammates to resources to help manage their stress, or provide additional professional help that may be needed. Click on the EAP icon to learn more about the resources and support that is available through DaVita’s EAP.  Link to EAP flyer on the VillageWeb: https://intranet.davita.com/Depts/PeopleServices/VillageVitality/Documents/DaVita2017CignaEAPflyer.pdf#search=EAP

Developing and feeding your professional and personal growth is extremely important to your emotional wellbeing. To help support teammates in this area, there are various resources to support teammates along their journey.

Kimber Jenkins

Kimber Jenkins

Kimber Jenkins is a DaVita patient care technician in Fort Mills, SC.