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Hometown Helpers: DaVita Teammate Helps Shape the Future of Her City

Leah Miro, special projects analyst for Lifeline, is modest. When I asked to interview her about her volunteerism efforts throughout the Denver community she said, “I’m not as heavily involved as I’d like to be.” But as a volunteer for Denver Downtown Partnership and a member of its leadership program, as well as a leader in implementing Village Service Days for her and her Lifeline teammates, it’s safe to say she’s going above and beyond.

Leah’s contributions to Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP), a nonprofit that “creatively plans, manages and develops downtown Denver to be unique, diverse, vibrant and economically healthy,” come from her desire to help shape her hometown as it continues to grow and evolve at a rapid pace. As a Colorado native, she cares about where her city is headed.

“It’s important to be thoughtful about how Denver is growing. By working with DDP, I’m able to see the thought process behind how and why Denver is changing, and how I can contribute meaningful opinions.” She was able to connect with the nonprofit through DaVita Ripples, a volunteerism and charitable donation application that allows teammates to contribute time or money to causes that matter. DaVita is also a platinum sponsor of DDP and encourages teammates to take part in its yearly leadership program.

Currently, downtown Denver’s tree canopy (the layer of tree leaves, branches and stems that provide tree coverage of the ground when viewed from above) is only four percent. Through DDP’s leadership program, Leah is working to help Denver meet its goal of reaching a 10 percent tree canopy. Through education, marketing and advertising, she hopes to help educate Denver citizens about the need for green cover across the city and what they can do to help.

Beyond DDP, Leah has worked with GRID Alternatives, an organization that installs solar panels for low-income households and trains Colorado workers for jobs in the growing solar industry. Through a DaVita-sponsored Village Service Day, she and other teammates set up solar panels for a Denver family at no cost, allowing them to lower their energy bill and practice sustainability in their home.

Leah has also spent some time doing a Village Service Day with The GrowHaus, a “nonprofit urban farm whose mission is to grow a healthy community through food access, production and education.” They spent the day putting together food boxes to distribute to those in need, as well as learning about how The GrowHaus operates.

When Leah isn’t busy helping others through her one-and-a-half years at DaVita or through volunteering, you can find her traveling the globe, skiing, participating in water sports or spending time with family and friends.

Are you interested in volunteering? Contact DaVita Ripples for more information and share your volunteerism efforts on social media using the hashtag #DaVitaWay.

Kay Wynarsky

Kay Wynarsky

Kay is a writer on Team Mercury who loves creating content for patient marketing and DaVita brand awareness. A former Army brat, the military took her across the pond and across the U.S. before settling in Colorado for the past 17 years. You can find her enjoying what the state has to offer, including trail running, camping, hiking, skiing, great shows at Red Rocks and more.