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Q&A: Full-Time Leader and Full-Time Mom: Paige Hosler Conquers Both

Editor’s Note: We interviewed Vice President of Insurance Management, Paige Hosler, to discover how she has navigated her journey as a working parent in the Village. 

Q: What has your experience been like as a working parent at the Village?

A: I’ve felt a tremendous sense of support being a working parent within the Village. I remember how nervous I was preparing to share the news that I was pregnant with my first son, and how silly I immediately felt when it was clear that both my direct and indirect leadership team were so excited by the news and eager to help me in my journey.

Q: How has your career grown/changed since you’ve been with the Village and how has that worked with your family life?

A: I was newly married with no kids when I first started as a manager in the Village. I have since grown my career to become the vice president leading national operations for my team and grown my family to include two young boys ages 4 and 1. I attribute my ability to lean into growing my career while simultaneously growing my family to the support I’ve received from many leaders in the Village. It’s incredibly helpful to be able to talk openly about the joys and challenges of being a working mom with other female leaders.

Q: What type of support (if any) from DaVita, your manager, and/or your team has been most impactful to help you as a working parent?

A: My current leader has been the most impactful source of support for me as a working mom. She has modeled the way of being an engaged parent while also being an engaged leader. She has also helped me let go of guilt for taking a half day to attend my son’s field trip or postpone my arrival to a meeting when one of my sons needed an emergency dental procedure. Thanks to her continued support, I’ve been inspired to pay it forward to other female leaders and share my experience in letting go of my working mom guilt.

Q: What would you want to share with a working parent considering taking a role at DaVita?

A: DaVita is truly a community first and a company second. I continue to be impressed by the level of support and encouragement I receive as a working parent. You are your best advocate, so keep open lines of communication  with your leader about what your needs to help balance your career and your family life.

Paige Hosler

Paige Hosler

Paige Hosler is the vice president of the insurance management team at DaVita Kidney Care. In this role, she has operational oversight of nine teams and over 300 teammates across the country, and she serves as a strategic partner to senior field leaders in the development and execution of key growth strategies. She joined the Village almost seven years ago and lives in Los Angeles with her husband Bobby and two sons Evan and Madden.