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National Nurses Week: Celebrating Selfless Heroes

“My interest and compassion for caring for the sick started at a young age,” says Registered Nurse Samran Batara. “I really wanted to go into nursing to help the sick and needy.”

Samran, who is at Riverside Dialysis in Riverside, CA, has been a nurse for 14 years, the past 20 months with DaVita. He explains that his interest in nursing came from his parents, both of whom were in a missionary group, while his mother was also in the medical field.

“The field of Nursing fascinated me because of my compassion for the sick and the needy, partly an influence from my Dad and Mom,” he explains, adding, “Dialysis, in my student days, was a fairly new modality. My interest was only enhanced by my frequent visits to a friend’s dad who was undergoing dialysis.”

He grew up doing extracurricular work focused on medical care: “Being a nurse has always been my passion. I am encouraged by helping, educating and teaching my patients how they can take better care of their health and improve their life.”

 Today, Samran says he finds deep value in educating his patients on mobility options and encouraging them to pursue a kidney transplant or a different modality option that better suits their lifestyle. “I get inspired whenever my patients intently listen and actively participate when we conduct health education on how to better care for their health and ultimately improve their quality of life.” 

He adds that for him, it is the most amazing feeling to help people live their best lives and see people come out of their hardships and afflictions “with a more positive outlook and to see them enjoy life in spite of their affliction.”

DaVita celebrates National Nurses Week May 7 – May 12, and Samran’s passion for nursing and his compassion for his patients, is just one reason we’re so proud of our nurses.


Samran Batara

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