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Let’s Celebrate Our Nurses: Dee Bradley, RN, GFA

In May, and year-round, we want to celebrate our nurse leaders. In today’s post, we celebrate a nurse leader in our Village, Dee Bradley, who not only delivers the highest quality patient care through her training as a nurse, but who models the behavior as a leader and administrator for seven clinics in the Southeast.

Dee has been a nurse for 24 years, serving dialysis patients for her entire career to date. Her home clinic is based in Orangeburg, South Carolina, but serves 300 patients across seven clinics across a large geography within South Carolina.

“As a dialysis nurse, you’re dealing with multiple systems, not just kidneys. We have to manage all those systems in conjunction with ESRD,” says Bradley. “It’s a balancing act that constantly challenges you to think outside the box. I continue to learn and grow as a nurse.”

As a mom, nurse and group facility administrator, Dee has a busy schedule. Not only does she celebrate and bring the culture of DaVita to life, she does it across seven clinics. Her training as a clinician allows her to bring a specialized background and expertise to managing the operations and patient population at each of these clinics. She works to maintain policies and safety standards, ensures that all clinics are prepared for surveys and oversees the budgets for each of these “small businesses.” In addition, she works the floor, as a nurse, to deliver the care that we expect for our 203,000 patients across the U.S.

Her compassion and care drives her to give back to patients around the world through DaVita’s nonprofit, Bridge of Life. She’s participated in seven medical missions, visiting Uganda, Jordan, Ecuador and Jamaica where she works to prevent chronic kidney disease and educate people about healthy lifestyles. “The missions challenge me to think of something bigger than myself.”

Her experience and guidance for nurses around our Village and others interested in this career, “Challenge yourself. Think outside the box. Be open to change and willing to consider other alternatives. Give back.”

On behalf of Dee and the 18,000 nurses working across DaVita, we celebrate the incredible work our nurses deliver every day to make sure our patients have access to the lives they want to live.


Kate Stabrawa

Kate Stabrawa

Kate is a senior director on Team Mercury (DaVita’s marketing communications team). She was honored to work alongside and learn from Dee Bradley on a recent trip to Uganda with Bridge of Life.