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How’s Your Emotional Fitness?

You might exercise your body every day, but how about minding your mental muscles? Mental or emotional fitness is about the ability to better adapt to any circumstance emotionally—you controlling your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. This can help you think more clearly and rationally, and you may feel less stress as a result.

Building your emotional fitness is a matter of training and conditioning your mind, which you can start doing today. Our latest Wisdom in a Minute(ish) video gives you practical tips that are not only enjoyable to do, they can also have a wonderful long-term effect on your quality of life.

It’s amazing what you can learn in just a minute or two!

Watch Wisdom in a Minute(ish): Emotional Fitness here.

Rachel Maly

Rachel Maly

Rachel is a Social Media and Communications Coordinator for DaVita and has been with the Village for just over a year. She focuses primarily on sharing patient education content and loves to opportunity to share the stories of the Village.