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We Are Well Winner Jump-Starts Her Fitness with HealthyWage Challenge

My whole life I have been active, but I struggled with body issues, health concerns and my weight. But since starting with DaVita in 2016, I have slowly started to change my lifestyle. My goal was not necessarily losing weight and earning all my Vitality Points, but it has been an awesome added benefit. I really just wanted to make changes that were sustainable so I could feel better.

My brother and sister in law had recently adopted a sibling set of four children. As much as I love children and wanted to interact, I was very tired all the time. I wanted to have energy to play at the park with them as well as be in a healthier range when I would go to my screenings.

It was last year that I was asked to join the HealthyWage Challenge. I very much resisted the idea at first since nothing has ever worked before. My fellow FAs and CSS convinced me to do it just for fun. As I reluctantly agreed, I began to work out routinely at a local gym with fellow teammates. My RD in my clinic was very supportive and helpful with ideas on how to make small changes. She was very patient with me and my crazy questions. I slowly started to see results. I changed my diet and was more physically active. Even my new Fitbit would let me know when I needed to move.

By the time the HealthyWage challenge was over, I had lost approximately 20 pounds. I started to feel better and have more energy. I continued with my new lifestyle of eating better and moving more, and I have since lost a total of 30 pounds and counting. I have had great support from my fellow teammates and even great encouragement from my ROD.

He encouraged me to find small ways to be active. Such as, when I am on some conference calls I am able to walk around the clinic to get my steps in. DaVita has really helped me focus on being healthier so I can enjoy life more. As I have continued my journey, I have completed a half marathon with some teammates and attempted to climb Mt. Whitney. Maybe one day I can join Tour DaVita. I can say that never in my life would I have made those changes without the support of people around me.

My sister- in- saw starting going to the gym and we started sharing recipes. My nieces and nephews are exposed to food choices and conversations about making healthier choices and I have friends joining me at the gym. They even ask me how many calories certain foods have. It is a new perspective and I want to continue on this journey of healthier living so I have a life to live.

Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders is a facility administrator at Bakersfield Dialysis Center in California.