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First DaVita FA Active Leader Award Winner Shares His Story

What is your full name, center name & location?     

Timothy Brown, Maxton Dialysis Maxton (02072) North Carolina

How long have you been with the Village? 

Twelve years and six months.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your path into the FA role.  

I am an extrovert with a passion around building value-adding relationships. The principle of goal setting was instilled in me at an early age through school and athletics.  Once I set goals, I work diligently to meet or exceed those them.  I am a believer that as the leader gets better, the team gets better.  I started my nursing career in the hospital setting.  I joined the Village as a Floor RN in August 2006.  Within 3 months, I was promoted to the Facility Administrator (FA) of a Denovo project in St. Pauls, NC.  After growing in the FA position for 2 years, I had the opportunity to add a second facility and throughout the next several years, via Denovo projects and regional/divisional champion lead roles, I was promoted to my current Group Facility Administrator role.

What is your favorite thing about the FA role?      

I love to interact with my patients and teammates. I have an overwhelming desire to create that personal touch with each one and help them grow in their future endeavors. While there is tremendous pressure on FAs to ensure safe and superior clinical care for our patients, the FA position offers the same opportunities to care for our teammates with the same intensity that we care for our patients. We do not want our teammates just doing a job–we want our teammates to be fulfilling a mission. The FA positions offers that positional leadership influence to ensure that our teammates are showing up daily as representatives of the M/Vs.

How would your team describe you?  

Directly from my teammates:  Available, easy to talk to, very approachable, cares for his patients and teammates, very concerned, sociable, inspiring, busy and dependable. Encourages teammates to grow. Optimistic, passionate about his job, teammates and patients.

What is your favorite Core Value & why? 

My favorite Core Value is Integrity. People may hear your words, but they see your attitude and actions. If we are truly living the Core Value of Integrity, we will show up daily as an ambassador to the Core Values and WECARE behaviors of the Village. One cannot avoid all criticism, but we can minimize it by having Integrity and leading thoughtfully.

What does “Active Leadership” mean to you?

Active leadership encompasses open and honest communication.  The active leader is one who is careful to ensure that his/her teammates are looped into the company’s goals and business strategies.  Teammates expect honesty and appreciate being informed as to why why processes change.  Active leadership is being proactive and promoting positive change and growth.  Active leadership builds a culture that demands helpful feedback but discourages unhelpful criticism. Active Leaders are constantly networking with patients, teammates and Village partners. The Active Leader makes a point to express to their team what is going on in the organization.  Finally, the Active Leader makes sacrifices even if it is not in his/her best interest, but rather, in the best interest of the patients, teammates and Village.

Do you have advice for other leaders and TMs in the Village around leadership?   

Being a leader is very hard work. We have to empower our teams and encourage them every day.  I am a believer that the potential of the organization does not rest in my ability.  Instead, the potential of the organization depends on my ability to empower others.  Should leaders choose not to empower others, he/she will become the lid to the organization maximizing its full potential.  So the choices you make today will determine the story you tell tomorrow.   The teammates that you choose to empower today can determine your success for tomorrow.

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