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Living the DaVita Way: Voices of the 2018 Core Value Award Winners

The 2018 Villagewide Core Value Award Winners live the DaVita Way both in the office and in their personal lives. At the annual Villagewide Night of Honor event on May 11, nine teammates were recognized for their commitment to DaVita and our Core Values. Congratulations to Amy Bogan, Brenda Shrader, Christy Webb, Marta Bento, Judy Geraci, Delilah Rodriguez, Jordan Gershman, Angus Power and Sheba Walton. Some of the honored teammates share below what receiving these awards meant to them and how they got to this point in their Village journey.

Chairman’s Award: Amy Bogan


“One of my greatest joys and highest honors is to work side by side with my DaVita teammates. To be considered worthy of the Chairman’s Award by those who I respect and admire is humbling. To be honored by a Village I love deepens my desire to live in a manner that exemplifies our Core Values and intensifies my passion to faithfully serve my teammates and our patients,” Amy Bogan said.

Bogan is a grassroots manager for Government Affairs. Bogan says her success in the Village is directly related to her many teammates across the board that have mentored, challenged, loved and forgiven her. Every experience and opportunity she has had helps her work to impact and potentially change the lives of generation of dialysis patients.

Chairman’s Award: Brenda Shrader


“Receiving the Chairman’s Award was the purest of pleasures. I have been a citizen of the DaVita Village for 22 years and have loved every minute of it. How special it is that I was awarded for doing what I love to do,” Brenda Shrader said.

Shrader works as a senior director on Team Pioneer. Shrader’s years in the Village have given her numerous opportunities to stretch her skills, manage different regions, develop key relationships and have autonomy to aide in the development of multiple teammates. Working on Pioneer empowered her to experiment in quality and efficiencies for the betterment of patients and teammates.

Service Excellence Award: Christy Webb


“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen,” Christy Webb said.

Christy Webb works as a facility administrator (FA) in Akron Renal on Team Fusion. The Service Excellence Award that Webb received means that she is continually working to understand the needs of all those who depend on DaVita and exceed those expectations. Her success in the Village can be summed up by a quote from Danny Thomas stating that, “Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”

Team Award: Marta Bento


“For me, receiving the award meant that the love and the commitment to my team was felt and lived by my team. Nothing makes me feel happier than knowing I created a positive impact in someone else’s life,” Marta Bento said.

Bento is an integration director for the International Operations team. Her journey in the Village has led her to this point because she is passionate about people and what she does. She believes in always starting with the heart and everything else will follow it. Bento’s recognition for the Team award was due to the fact that she consistently works together with her team to support a common purpose, common culture and common goals.

Service Excellence Award: Judy Geraci


“It was unbelievable to be honored, I am very humbled and accept it as part of a greater team,” said Judy Geraci.

Geraci is an RN and group FA for the Ascent Division. She’s had many opportunities in her 42 year nursing career. She was inspired to pursue a career in dialysis through observing the compassion of one of her cousins who was also a dialysis nurse. Geraci started her career with DaVita as a PD nurse. She loves the way teammates at DaVita care and can make a difference when they see the Core Values come alive.

Integrity Award: Delilah Rodriguez


“Receiving the Integrity award was such an honorable and humbling experience. Even today it feels so surreal to have been presented and acknowledge in front of the entire Village. My heart was filled with joy as I accepted the Integrity award. It has motivated and encouraged me to continue working with compassion and dedication in my life,” Delilah Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is an FA for Team Renaissance. She says it is her devotion to the Lord that has built her integrity that she pours into her work performance on a daily basis. She embodies the Core Value of Integrity everyday with her team through building a positive work environment, increasing teammate moral and gaining the respect of her team. As a leader, she practices transparency and always ask herself how she would want to be treated.

Encore AwardSheba Walton


“To know that I make a difference is honor in itself,” Sheba Walton said.

Walton works as an FA for Carolina Waves in Region 6 on the Titan team. She is always seeking to make today better than yesterday.

Fulfillment Award: Angus Power


“To be recognized at Villagewide for the award was more than unexpected. I was very honored to receive this award, but I could not have been able to receive it without my amazing team of nurses in Idaho, as well as, the DaVita Airlift nurses. Being awarded at this level was an honor because it means that my team is having a huge impact on pt. care,” Angus Power said.

Power is a Hospital Service Administer for Idaho Acutes and the DaVita Airlift Team. He started his career with DaVita more than 10 years ago as an Acute RN. He was later given the opportunity to establish the Acute Clinical Coordinator role for the Idaho Acutes. When the opportunity arose, Power moved into the Acute HSA position and has been able to build the local team in Idaho as well as the DaVita Airlift team. The support he has received from DaVita leadership has been the biggest factor in his career growth.


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