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Another Look Back at Teammate Bravery During Hurricane Harvey

Cody Carter and Team


Cody Carter, a Biomed Operations Manager in DaVita’s Eagle Division, showed exemplary support for both teammates and patients amid the devastation and destruction that fell upon Texas during Hurricane Harvey.

Acting readily in the face of tragedy, Cody drove over two hours from San Antonio, TX to Victoria, TX to assist with relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Following the hurricane, Cody worked over 48 hours without sleep in order to help restore power to both the Victoria Station and Spring Creek dialysis centers in Victoria. Dialysis treatment cannot continue without access to clean water, so Cody worked tirelessly to secure tanker trucks in order to supply water to these two clinics. Only once these clinics were stable and relying on city power and water did Cody return home for the night.

The next morning Cody, with the help of Biomedical Services Specialist, Jeremy Chapa, loaded his personal travel trailer and truck and they jumped into action. This time, however, Cody and Jeremy ventured to Beaumont, TX where they were asked by the DaVERT Team to help transport patients to their treatments. Using Cody’s personal truck, they traveled through flooded areas and began to pick up and drop off patients who needed to receive their life-sustaining dialysis treatments. After some time, they were cut off and unable to get back to the trailer until 3 a.m., but this did not stop them. At 6 a.m. they once again begin transporting more patients to their treatments.

The pair only stopped working only when Cody’s truck suffered damage, and was no longer able to safely transport patients to their treatments. After taking the night to repair the truck, Cody and Jeremy loaded up the trailer and finally returned home.

We are honored and thankful to have Cody and Jeremy as a members of the DaVita Village. The selfless acts of both Cody and Jeremy exemplify what it truly means to be a teammate here at DaVita.

Marie Chapman and Team


Wearied eyed, yet full of heart, Marie Chapman, patient care technician, at the Angleton center in Houston, had one purpose driving her: getting her patients the care they needed. In the dire moment of need, she didn’t think twice about what was going to lie ahead in the week following Hurricane Harvey.

Marie’s family, fully understanding what was at stake for patients, took care of her 12 year old daughter so she wouldn’t have to worry. Driving through flooded waters up to the top of her car’s hubcaps, she arrived at work witnessing the urgency of this historic natural disaster.

While Marie’s fellow teammates were reeling with flooded homes and lost personal belongings, she knew that this was her chance to put others first before herself. With just her fellow clinical coordinator, Lea, they dialyzed 32 patients for 18 hours straight until midnight for a day.

At the Angleton center, countless patients were filled with gratitude for Lea and Marie’s unwavering commitment. One patient exclaimed, “I’m glad they’re treating us!” And, the help came two-fold in what truly became a mini-Village. Fellow teammates were providing acts of kindness for Marie and Lea. For example, their biomed and Lea’s family treated their team to a delicious lunch.

According to her facility administrator, Marie never complained and even volunteered to help out any additional days if needed. Thanks to Marie’s compassion, the Angleton center was only closed one day. As a self-proclaimed coffee lover, Marie was surprised with a gift card from her facility administrator to defray the cups of coffee that was certainly necessary in the days to follow.


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