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Honoring Veterans in Our Village

Here within the Village, we don’t take a position on whether we should be taking any particular military action. Rather, we honor those who make a commitment to serve our country and the world around us to protect our freedoms.  Through the Star Troopers program, our Village celebrates Veterans Day in appreciation for veterans’ sacrifices.  This week centers and business offices across the Village will honor patients, teammates and physicians who have served our country.

A commemorative lapel pin is designed each year by Chris Bottcher, a teammate who has been with the Village for six years. The annual Veterans Day project is near and dear to his heart as he served in the Army for nine years and finds fulfillment is helping the Village celebrate his fellow veterans.

Chris states that “Leaving the service and starting a civilian career was a difficult transition for me – fulfillment, camaraderie, and a culture that cultivates and prioritizes leadership were not things I found in abundance during my initial exposures to corporate America.  DaVita has been a refreshing alternative – an organization that values your potential for leadership, continually invests in your growth, and works hard to instill teamwork as the foundation for everything we do.”

Since the Star Troopers program started in 2007, teammates have sent over 10,000 cards, letters and care packages to troops deployed overseas.

The Village also cares for active service men and women and strives to offer support to our veterans as they transition from life in the military to life as teammates in the Village. Workshops and development courses are offered to help foster a stronger community for new veteran teammates, including:

  • Veterans 2 Village (V2V) is a two-day class introduced in 2016 that focuses on self-development and introduces new veteran teammates to DaVita’s existing military programs and benefits. Veteran Guides help facilitate the V2V live course. DaVita’s internal veterans’ programs are designed to foster a stronger community for new veteran teammates, as the company’s support services continue to develop and grow.
  • Thriving after Military Service (TAMS) is a five-day workshop, facilitated by a Marine Corps veteran, which takes an in-depth approach to self-development and includes the option to bring a guest. DaVita veteran teammates who have graduated from TAMS may become Veteran Guides for V2V and facilitate group discussions and class activities.
  • Veteran Guides are a group of teammates hand-selected from the TAMS graduate group to help facilitate the V2V live course. A one-day training is provided to help teammates understand how to guide table conversations and lead group discussions. Mentors are organically formed from the relationships created at the V2V program, and teammates attending V2V are encouraged to stay in contact with their Veteran Guides.


Kristy Kay

Kristy Kay

Kristy Kay has been working in healthcare for 21 years and with DaVita for the past 12 years. She is a Project Manager with the Village Social Responsibility Team and finds fulfillment in helping to create and manage meaningful programs that help our patients and teammates and impact our global community.