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Honoring our Patients through Village Programs

Editor’s Note: As a Community First and a Company Second, DaVita offers programs to help support members of our Village. This is the first in a series of posts about our Village Programs. These programs support our Trilogy of Care: Caring for Our Patients, Caring for Each Other and Caring for Our World.

We established a program to honor our patients in 2006 to further the good work that many DaVita centers are already doing to help patients, teammates, families and physicians address many of the life planning and end-of-life issues that are so prevalent in the dialysis community.

Words like “meaningful”, “powerful” and “touching” have been used to describe this Village Program. It provides educational resources on end of life topics, tools for planning local memorial services, and memorial donations whereby DaVita makes a donation to Bridge of Life Medical Missions in honor of each patient who passes away.

Teammates, patients and their families have expressed appreciation that DaVita not only cares for their loved ones during life, but also takes the time to honor and remember them even after they have passed away. The initiatives offer healing, bonding and closure for teammates, patients and their families.

Here’s Carol Byrd, a social worker from Atlanta, GA talking about what the program means to her:

“When a patient passes away, fellow patients and the care team feel a sense of comfort knowing that we have honored them. Whether it’s signing a card, observing a moment of silence in their honor, or placing a flower on the patient’s chair after their first missed treatment. Teammates need closure too. Many teammates have shared with me it is a release they feel honoring a patient who had a presence in our clinic. Some teammates have even had tears in their eyes. DaVita truly bonds us like family.”

For more information on our Village Programs, check out DaVita’s Community Care Report.

Kristy Kay

Kristy Kay

Kristy Kay has been working in healthcare for 21 years and with DaVita for the past 12 years. She is a Project Manager with the Village Social Responsibility Team and finds fulfillment in helping to create and manage meaningful programs that help our patients and teammates and impact our global community.