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DaVita Teammates Rise Up Amongst Tragedy

For everyone caught in the paths of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, these past two months have been rife with heartache. However, incredible instances of strength and compassion have emerged from the tragedy – specifically in this case, the strength and compassion displayed by DaVita teammates. There are seemingly endless stories of heroism and selflessness to be told, but to start, we’ll focus on DaVita Rx teammates who volunteered after Hurricane Harvey hit land in Texas.

Over 500 teammates from all around the Village left their homes to lend a hand in Harvey relief efforts, and here is just a sampling of what a few had to say about their experiences.

Audrey Upton, Adherence Teammate

Why did you volunteer?

Audrey: I volunteered for several reasons. First of all, it is always my hope that if I am in need or in a similar situation that there would be someone who steps up for me and my family. Second, it’s what I do. I have been a volunteer with the Red Cross for years and I am a Chaplain, trained in disaster relief among other things. When I heard that we were sending teams out, it was a no-brainer for me to make accommodations for my family and step up.

DaVita means a lot to me overall because my grandmother used to be a dialysis patient and I am currently a caregiver of my disabled mother. What I want my teammates to think about is one day this could be you, your family, your friends, and we should care for our patients just as if they are a part of our family already. Thinking in that regard will truly change the way you handle things each day.

Monique Inocente, Manager, Strategic Relations

What did you learn from this experience?

Monique: I learned how fragile our patients’ lives are, and I was reminded why we’re here. Getting treatment isn’t an option for them – it’s a necessity. And it’s our duty to get them the best treatment possible, making it as seamless and hassle-free as we possibly can. This includes any service we provide to them – dialysis, customer service, billing, enrollment, insurance, Rx, everything a patient on dialysis needs.

I’m very proud of the way the Village as a whole responded to this need. This team of volunteers gave everything they had, and the company backed them 100 percent, providing all needed resources without delay. This past weekend made me even more proud to work for DaVita and more aware of what our teammates and patients go through every day. Being at the pharmacy and not patient-facing, I don’t get to meet patients or have a clear view of what it’s like to live with kidney disease – I’m glad I got the opportunity to visit with so many patients and be reminded of why we’re here.

John Rife, Operations Lead for the Profiles Department

What would you like your fellow teammates to know about your experience/how would you encourage them regarding the work we do for our patients?

I would just say that never take things for granted, cherish everything you own, cherish your families, and always keep an open mind when it comes to giving back and helping those in need. Your life may not be where you want it to be or you may think you have it rough, but there are thousands and possibly even millions of other people in this world that would die and are dying to be in the position you are in. We as a species have to understand the reasons we are here, follow our calling and know that each day we open our eyes is a blessing- we possess the power to change lives each and every day!

Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney is a teammate based out of Denver, CO where she serves as Recognition Manager for Team Mercury, DaVita’s Marketing and Communications department.