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New Chlorine Monitoring Device Provides Innovation at DaVita Dialysis Centers

As director of operations innovation here at DaVita, there is one Core Value that resonates with me most closely: Continuous Improvement. Here, Continuous Improvement means:

We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually, and as teams, we constantly look at what we do and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then we use a systematic approach to take action.

Of course, although we are always pushing for bigger and better, there are times when I hit pause for a minute and just take in how proud I am to see how far we’ve come. Our recent pilot of a new chlorine monitoring system, the Hach CM130, is one of those things that has made me step back and smile.

I smile, not out of pride because of my involvement, but because of how proud I am to be on such a smart, talented and innovative team. I smile because we can see the impact of this product on patient safety and our teammates’ lives. I smile because our clinical staff can now breathe a little easier because they no longer have to wonder what the chlorine values are doing between four-hour checkpoints.

The Hach CM130 comes after five years of development in a partnership between an internal team at DaVita and Hach, the global leader in water quality and analysis solutions. It monitors chlorine levels every five minutes, replacing a manual test that was completed by clinicians every four hours under the previous procedure. It has received FDA clearance, is meant to save time and reduce the possibility of user error for the clinicians who work directly with this product.

Previously, an alarm would go off to alert clinicians when it was time to complete a chlorine test, and you could see the stress on their faces because they would have to leave their patients. The test protocol used colored test strips, which were subjective to user interpretation and burdened small facilities with colorblind teammates. The Hach CM130 helps take the guesswork out of chlorine monitoring. In addition to a visual indicator of acceptable chlorine levels viewable by staff, reports can be pulled in-facility at any point in time throughout the day.

A full rollout of the device is scheduled for all clinics by the end of 2019, and I couldn’t be more excited to be included in the early stages of this device’s implementation. I take such pride in seeing DaVita innovate as a company with the help of this product, and I’m so glad that this new device can help make work life a little easier for our clinic staff, giving them more time with the people who matter most: the patients. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Brian Steers

Brian Steers

Brian Steers is a Director of Operations Innovation on the Pioneer team and has led multiple operational initiatives across DaVita Kidney Care and DaVita Rx over the past five years. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of California at Los Angeles. Prior to joining the Village, he worked in operations at Lockheed Martin, supervising front-line staff building fighter jets and spacecraft. Outside of work Brian participates in almost every sport the Colorado mountains have to offer, and stays connected to his passion for flight as a private pilot.