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Greening Health Care: Setting Goals and Tracking our Progress for a Sustainable Future

Have you ever wondered, exactly how many resources DaVita uses? In 2016, we used:

  • Enough water to fill 3810 Olympic Swimming Pools! That is enough water to provide drinking water for 3.6 billion people for one day!
  • We used nearly 43,000 trees worth of paper, which is equivalent to 1.6 Central Parks! If the paper was stacked, the stack of paper would be 2.25 miles high, or 9.5 Empire State Buildings!
  • We used enough energy to supply power to 50,000 households for one year!

Back in 2010 the Village created our first set of environment goals to guide us through 2015. Continuing this valuable practice DaVita embarked on establishing our 2020 environmental goals two years ago. We started with two dozen DaVita teammates across a variety of teams. They included: Facility Administrators, building managers and passionate green teammates. All gathered to brainstorm these new goals. The draft goals they created went to DaVita’s annual meeting, to be voted on by more than 3,000 teammates! After a handful of iterations and approvals, the 2020 environmental goals were announced to the “Village” (our company) and the community. DaVita committed itself to setting the bar high for environmental stewardship, reinforcing our belief in “A Community First, A Company Second.”

DaVita’s 2020 Environmental Goals focus on the Kidney Care (dialysis operations) portion of the company. At this time, data is still being gathered for DaVita Medical Group (our independent medical group) to establish data baselines and goals. Our 2020 goals are well rounded and focus on the following categories: energy, water, waste, green buildings and supply chain management. For the 2020 goals, we made the following changes from our 2015 environmental goals:

  • We added a green building (efficient building design) category to ensure that we are building new clinics and business offices in an efficient and sustainable manner.
  • We added a recycling goal (waste category) to grow our recycling programs at our dialysis centers to ensure materials are being repurposed and diverted from the landfill whenever possible.
  • We removed “education” as a goal after 2015 because we felt that education should not be a separate goal, rather it should support the success and progress of all of our sustainability goals and initiatives.

DaVita tracks our resource data on a quarterly basis utilizing comprehensive data management systems. We are able to see our progress towards our goals for our 2500 locations. Our data management system has water data for 74% of our locations, and energy data for 89% of our locations.

If we meet our 2020 goals, as a Village, we have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on the planet and the resources that power our everyday lives!

Teammates often ask, “How do I get involved to support these goals?” There’s an opportunity to become a Green Champion at your clinic or business office. Our Green Champions help to make our goals come alive by utilizing tools provided by Village Green. Thank you to our Green Champions who are helping us on our journey to become the “Greenest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen!”

Casey Stock

Casey Stock

Casey is a sustainability professional that is working to help DaVita on its journey to be the “Greenest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen." She is based in Denver, Colorado at DaVita’s World Headquarters and is currently working on engaging the entire organization in meeting the 2020 sustainability goals.