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DaVita Celebrates Nurses Week

This week DaVita teammates are taking a moment to recognize an important part of our Village: our nurses.

For patients who experience kidney failure, life becomes very different. The once seemingly distant word “dialysis” may become an unavoidable part of life accompanied by medications, dietary changes and fluid restrictions. Adjusting to dialysis treatments may be overwhelming. Patients and their family members are usually anxious and uncertain as they enter dialysis facilities for the first time.

Anxiety is relieved as patients and their family members are educated on how to have dialysis around their lives versus live their lives around dialysis. Uncertainty fades away as patients are cared for with compassion, competence and confidence. And, these feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are replaced by other feelings. Other feelings such as hope, empowerment and autonomy, despite the need for dialysis treatments.

How do such substantial and nearly unimaginable transitions occur? Who is responsible for leading this change? The answer to both questions is dialysis nurses. Read more of this blog post from Amanda Hale, MSN, MBA, RN, CPPS, DaVita’s vice president of nursing, over on DaVita Medical Insights. 

DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

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