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DaVita Teammates Recall Their Favorite Villagewide Memories

Villagewide, DaVita’s annual three-day meeting, gets underway today. In its 18th year, the event recognizes teammates worldwide for their commitment to quality care and team values.

“We honor teammate behavior at our Villagewide celebration,” said Kent Thiry, chairman and CEO for DaVita. “We are intentional about recognizing those who embrace our ‘Trilogy of Care’: caring for our patients, caring for each other and caring for the world.”

One night of Villagewide is devoted to honoring teammates with Core Value awards.

Additionally, teammates hear from senior leadership about company updates; participate in personal and professional development sessions; commemorate the Shining Stars (exemplary DaVita teammates); and attend the Circle of Life program, which remembers teammates and patients who have passed away and celebrates babies who have been born during the past year. Teammates also give back to the community during volunteer events and pay homage to DaVita’s Core Value of Fun by creating DaVita-themed skits during Variety Night.

DaVita is a community first and a company second. Teammates refer to our community as a Village, hence how the meeting got the name—Villagewide.

We asked DaVita teammates to share some of their favorite memories from past Villagewide meetings, as well as their advice for everyone who is attending this year. This is what they had to say:

Teammate Traci R. from Centennial, Colorado, said:

“To Villagewide attendees—embrace this amazing adventure! It will more than refill your cup! It will bring you smiles and add value to each day, as you recount experiences from general sessions, break-out classes, and all the teammates and newfound friends you have brought into your life. I was blessed by the honor to attend. Know your life will be far richer for being a part of this unique opportunity.”

Teammate Marie H. from Cleveland, Ohio, said:

“For Villagewide 2016, I attended as a Shining Star. This year, I will be attending as a facility administrator. I was in awe from beginning to end. Variety Night, Night of Honor, Circle of Life and the patient stories—to hear those patients get up and talk about how the Village has impacted their lives in such a positive way is amazing. Of course, I was more than overwhelmed with the love that was shown toward the Shining Stars. I am so proud to be part of the Village.”

Teammate Mary D. from Port Richey, Florida, said:

“During the Villagewide that was in Nashville, we had an evening that included a carnival. We ran into Kent, who started a conversation. We reminisced about events like this when we were much younger—firemen’s picnics, carnivals, county fairs. It was nice to share a few minutes with Kent. We all grew up in the same area, so sharing memories was fun.”

Teammate Dianna H. from North Andover, Massachusetts, said:

“My most powerful memory is from my first Villagewide. I was just beginning to understand the DaVita culture of sending forth ripples. That year we put together prosthetic hands during a community service event. I remember how wonderful it felt to feel a part of something so much bigger.”

Teammate Pamela D. from Malvern, Pennsylvania, said:

“I have lost three special teammates over my 17 years with the Village and, each time, it has been so very emotional and heartwarming to see them honored during the Circle of Life ceremony as a reminder that their memory lives on, and that they will always be citizens of our Village.”

Teammate Cathy M. from Nashville, Tennessee, said:

“Villagewide is a very special event that fills my cup and is like a big family reunion.”

Alissa Hooper

Alissa Hooper

Alissa Hooper is a coordinator on the Village Communications team, based in Denver, CO. She is a transplant from the Midwest and has been enjoying all that Colorado has to offer for three years now. Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her family, including her two-year-old son, traveling, hiking and playing guitar.