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DaVita Team in Colorado Leads the Green Charge

What do you get when you combine DaVita teammates with an ugly mug contest? A super engaged team focused on sustainability! Every year, one team is chosen and awarded as the “Green Team of the Year.” All green teams submit a nomination stating how they have improved over the past year, how they embody DaVita’s core values and lastly, how their team directly supports DaVita’s 2020 environmental goals. Each year, it is extremely challenging to pick just one team because all of the teams pour their heart and soul into their sustainability programs and team.

In 2016, Team Front Range in Centennial, Colorado was awarded the prestigious “2016 Green Team of the Year” award. In early 2016, this team faced many challenges, including small membership and a disengaged team. Jody Craig, Green Captain at our Team Front Range location, revamped both the program and the green team membership. These incredible efforts are admired by many other teams for having effectively transformed a team and a program. Throughout the year, the team hosted many events for the rest of the teammates at their business office. These events included a cell phone recycling contest, an ugly mug contest (to promote reusable mugs) and electricity energy reduction. The team also hosted their annual Earth Day Village Service Day volunteer event and partnered with ReVision, a nonprofit in Denver that cultivates thriving communities through community agriculture. Team Front Range not only engages teammates at their own business office, but they also aim to impact the local community as well.

Last but not least, Team Front Range took a second title in January 2017 as the Quarter 4 Paper Reduction Competition Winner. In Q4, Village Green ran a competition to encourage neighborhoods to reduce paper use in support of the Village’s 2020 paper reduction goal. Team Front Range took the cake with a reduction of 66 percent. This team continues to be a leader among green teams, and also for our Village.

Village Green was created in 2007 to identify opportunities across our DaVita Village where resources could be saved, and how teammates could be engaged to help. As part of this, green teams have been formed across DaVita’ larger business offices, also known as Neighborhoods. These teams consist of teammates from all roles and responsibilities that are passionate about sustainability and engaging other teammates at their respective business offices. We value our green teammates because they help the Village Green thrive on a local level. We have created 11 green teams since 2013, with a total of 17 green teams to date that span coast to coast.

Our green teams are known for predominantly living out two of our seven core values: Continuous Improvement and Fun. Each green team drives their own programs and projects, depending on what they are passionate about. It is common to see green teams having Farmer’s Markets, clothing swaps, Bike to Work Day and Earth Day volunteer events. These events emphasize community engagement, waste diversion and transportation. We are looking forward to 2017 and what our teammates will do create a special, sustainable Village.

Casey Stock

Casey Stock

Casey is a sustainability professional that is working to help DaVita on its journey to be the “Greenest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen." She is based in Denver, Colorado at DaVita’s World Headquarters and is currently working on engaging the entire organization in meeting the 2020 sustainability goals.