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DaVita Recognized as a Top Workplace

For the sixth year in a row, DaVita has earned the honor of being named one of the Denver Post’s Top Workplaces in Colorado. And every year, it’s been solely teammate testimonials that have gotten us on the list. But what makes a Top Workplace, exactly? At this year’s gala celebrating the honorees, many of the speakers struck a similar chord when describing what makes a workplace exemplary – to create a truly special environment, there has to be authenticity and innovation.

And well, it’s no surprise that authenticity permeates all aspects of DaVita – from our culture, to our benefits and ultimately, the direction we’re heading as an innovative healthcare community.

Some organizations simply see an employee as a means of value extraction, but DaVita focuses energy and resources on adding value back to each teammate, ultimately fostering the process of becoming their best, most authentic selves. Through programs like Academy and DaVita University, teammates are given tangible resources to help them grow and become curious lifelong learners, who in turn, also end up adding value to our Village, the patients we care for and our communities.

And while our Village benefits from utilizing the vast range of teammates’ unique talents and knowledge, teammates also are rewarded with the notable benefits offered by the Village. Catering to the needs of our growing community, new parental and caregiver leave benefits were established which allow flexibility in regards to time and source of compensation. And continuing the priority of adding value to our teammates’ lives and education, DaVita offers scholarship and professional development opportunities with programs such as the KT Family Foundation and the Redwoods Leadership Development Program. Also, when life presents a teammate with a time of crisis or tragedy, the DaVita Village Network can provide assistance to help lessen the financial burden.  

At the Top Workplaces gala, I felt honored wearing a badge displaying “DaVita” under my name, and I know you would have been, too. And while the Denver Post only recognized Colorado workplaces, the accolade reflects DaVita’s worldwide presence. Because with our unique, intentional culture and ultimately, the intrinsic worth of what DaVita does for our patients, how could you not feel proud of being a part of the top?

I asked some fellow teammates what makes DaVita a Top Workplace for them, and here’s what they had to say:

“The well-known reason that makes DaVita a top place to work is that we are not just a workplace, we are family! We look out for each other, just as we do our patients. We bring our hearts and passion to work. It takes a village to do what we do, but loving what you do makes all the difference!” – Regina Ontiveros, registered nurse, VillageHealth

“I love working for DaVita because of our commitment to personal and professional growth (in that order).  It is a big part of what makes this a community first and a company second.  I am constantly learning and growing which probably makes me a better teammate, but definitely makes me a better dad, husband and friend.” – Doug Miller, director, Team Wisdom

“I appreciate that my voice is heard: for both big decisions and small ones. I’ve voted on everything from the coffee selection in our office to a redesign of our bonus and 401(k) structure. The fact that leadership seeks input from teammates at every level shows that they care about our opinions and will take action based upon these opinions. That level of commitment to our teammates is inspiring!” – Rachel Mountin, senior manager, Village Social Responsibility


Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney

Colleen McSweeney is a teammate based out of Denver, CO where she serves as Recognition Manager for Team Mercury, DaVita’s Marketing and Communications department.