DaVita® Medical Insights

Celebrating National Doctors’ Day amidst a Public Health Crisis

Every March 30, we celebrate the holiday known as National Doctors’ Day to recognize the contributions of physicians who deliver patient care. On this year’s National Doctors’ Day, it is even more important to thank and honor physicians, as they continue to work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nephrologists, in particular, deal with many challenges in working with a medically complex and at-risk patient population, and with this public health crisis, their work has become even more challenging and important. Together, we are focusing—as always—on keeping patients safe and healthy; we are not backing down.

We want to thank physicians for their commitment to the field of nephrology and continued support of patients during this difficult time. Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to read the statements below on how physicians make a difference in the lives of patients and teammates.

  • “Dr. Shadur is just such a great and kind person. When he comes around, he’ll pull that stool up and he’ll sit down and he’ll talk to you and say ‘how is your access doing? He really shows that he cares. And the extra time that he’ll spend with us is what really makes him a special nephrologist.” –Jack Reynolds, 45+ year dialysis patient
  • “Dr. Alfred worked with me to help keep everything in check and it really helped me progress. He was there to give me tough love and encouragement and push me forward and keep me from the ‘woe is me’ rabbit hole. It was about how could he help me and how could I help myself. There was a lot of encouragement and a lot of conversations. He was always there for me.” –Marco Santana, RN, and kidney transplant recipient
  • “Our nephrologist, Dr. Ratigan, is one of the most compassionate doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He takes the time to really listen to all patient concerns, no matter how small. He cares about the staff and does small things to make us feel appreciated all of the time.” –Jayde Morales, patient care technician
  • “Dr. Sussman shares his knowledge with humble modesty and respect that leads to genuine discussions, all to improve patient care. His gentle manner, his extensive experience, and extraordinary care for all those he serves, is for me the model of the ideal compassionate healer.” –Rebecca Mulford, MSW
  • “My medical director, Dr. Kumar, is by far one of the best physicians I have ever worked with. He is always very involved with everything going on within the clinic. He has been a huge resource of knowledge for me. He makes DaVita a special place for all of the patients and teammates.” –Derek DeVault, clinical coordinator
  • “The relationship between the clinic and their medical director is very important. Dr. John O. Stevens is an amazing doctor/director that truly cares for the TEAM and our patients. He always makes time and shows appreciation for all the hard work that happens every day! He realizes that WE are all a TEAM!” –Lisa Moody, facility administrator
  • “Dr. Michael is a role model for Our Caring Behaviors. She goes out of her way to support our patients and team. Dr. Michael is kind and compassionate. She sets high standards in order to give the best possible care to our patients. We are very lucky to have her at DaVita.” –Kim Johnson, facility administrator
  • “Our medical director, Dr. Shih, is one of the most attentive and thorough doctors I have encountered. He truly embraces the patient as a whole, and does what he can to promote the best outcomes for all of his patients. He is constantly supporting staff and patients. An excellent medical director and doctor.” –Sara Cole, RN
  • “Dr. Groff and his team bring 100% every day. As a team we work to go above and beyond to meet the individual needs of every patient while empowering them to do what is needed to be successful on dialysis. We are a team and we love his energy and enthusiasm.” –Walter Stewart, facility administrator
  • “Dr. Rastogi goes above and beyond every day. Not only does he help support the clinic drive clinical programs and improve outcomes, he is also a patient advocate, teammate coach and community champion for kidney awareness.” –Abhinav Ramani, facility administrator

Thank you, doctors!

Managing Editor