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Today’s Kidney Diet: Plant-Based Eating Cookbook

Plant-based eating has recently become very popular. People have been talking about the health benefits of plants for decades, maybe even centuries. However, people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) may feel unsure about plant-based eating. If you have CKD, you may be wondering, ‘Can these foods be incorporated into my kidney diet?’ The answer is: absolutely!

DaVita dietitians are excited to introduce the newest Today’s Kidney Diet cookbook: Plant-Based Eating, which includes several brand-new recipes.

This cookbook tackles the tough questions that come up around plant-based eating, showcases a breakdown of vegetarian proteins and their benefits, and gives information on popular meat substitutes.

Two of my favorite recipes in this cookbook are Veggie Crumbles Pita Pizza and Artichoke Relish on Toasted Pita. They are easy and flavorful.

This cookbook shows how you can venture outside the traditional kidney-friendly diet, and try new ingredients. Many types of foods can be incorporated into a kidney diet in a thoughtful way.

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Jackie Termont, RD

Jackie Termont, RD

Jackie has been a dietitian since 2007, and has been dedicated to renal nutrition since 2008. For two years she was the editor for the Renal Nutrition Forum, a publication for the Renal Practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She enjoys baking, crafting, spending time with her sons and husband, and being active. She loves to experiment and come up with new recipes.