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Becoming Spartans Pt. 2: Brian Reyes Motivated by Mom’s Memory

As a follow up to the previous post, DaVita Daly City teammate Brian Reyes delves deeper into what motivates him to push his teammates, and himself, to new fitness goals. His late mom Odette V Reyes, a former DaVita Daly City teammate, is one of the biggest reasons Brian wants to give back.

Read more of Brian’s story below.

What inspired you to get involved with Spartan races?

When I was diagnosed with hypertension, I realized a lifestyle change needed to happen. I began participating in triathlons and fun runs around Calif. Then in 2012, a friend invited me to a mud run in Lathrup, CA. That was the first obstacle race I had ever done. There were no walls or rope climbs—just mud and dirt hills. I assume these were the early stages of what obstacle races are today. After completing that race, I was hooked.

What is training like and how do you fit in with your busy work schedule?

As a dialysis technician, I have the privilege of working three days a week and still being considered full-time. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday I work out at the UFC Gym in San Bruno, CA. At 9:15 a.m. they have a Daily Ultimate Training Class, which is circuit of exercises that have you moving and sweating for an hour straight. On Sunday, I do my endurance training. Running around Lake Merced, running and walking up Sweeney Ridge or cycling to Sausalito from my home in Daly City.

How do you think these events and training have impacted your Westlake team and your DaVita community?

We have certainly grown closer. We have experienced something together and helped each other through it –whether it is training for the Spartan race, getting over a four-foot hurdle, cheering for someone climbing a rope or helping someone massage a cramp after ascending 2,000 foot up a mountain on foot. We were able to see what each other was made of. My DaVita Beast Team truly impressed me.

What helps to motivate you?

My mother was a teammate at DaVita Daly City. She passed away in 2016. The teammates at her clinic and beyond made contributions to help pay for costs we were unprepared to incur. Furthermore, much to our surprise, the DaVita Village Network matched those donations. Understand that my father is a cancer survivor who is on full disability and cannot work. DaVita was a godsend in that trying time. Those teammates looked out for my mother, and I feel helping my teammates achieve their goals is my way of returning their gesture.

Any stories you can share about the event or preparing?

When I first had the idea of creating a team for the Spartan Race, I asked everyone I knew to join me. I have two teammates who believed they would not be able to complete the race and the mere thought of them signing up was crazy. I reassured my Facility Administrator Penelope and our Administrative Assistant Donna that we do not let anyone fail. We start together and finish together.

At one point, near the middle of the Spartan Race, Donna felt like she wanted to give up. I reminded her that she had come too far to give up now and that we are here to support her. Once we crossed the finish line and received our finisher shirts, I saw the look of accomplishment on her face. I was so proud of her.


Odette V. Reyes (left) as a DaVita Daly City teammate


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