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We Love Our FAs Pt. 2: More Outstanding FA Submissions

“On every treatment day, Sharon will take time to visit with every patient on the treatment floor, ensuring their well-being. She expresses a caring attitude, striving to find any improvement in their care as well as showing a interest in them as a person. Sharon is never too busy with her huge FA workload to spend time with them. She is currently looking/ managing a second DaVita clinic that is without a FA. She takes care of me and all my teammates daily. She will step in to help where needed and provides homemade treats for us on a regular basis. She strives to make our workplace a fun and caring environment. As an FA, Sharon ensures our clinic is run at a very high standard.” – Cheryl Northcutt, who nominated Sharon Boling 

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. Catie lives The DaVita way by exemplifying important leadership qualities such as commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity. She has a futuristic vision and knows how to turn her ideas into real-world success stories. When Catie came to Norco as an FA, the team appeared hesitant to accept her as there had not been a consistent FA in quite some time. However, her dedication to the team and patients quickly became visible which led teammates to believe in her. Catie took the time to get to know her teammates and the overall challenges/concerns of the team. She was able to make the needed adjustments to improve the clinic and comradery amongst the teammates. Upon Catie’s arrival to Norco, she was faced with a lot of challenges, one being a significantly low DQI score. Catie was able to execute a plan by using the expertise of everyone which made the goals attainable and realistic, which led to a significant improvement in the DQI score. Catie was able to attain positive results during this stressful time by focusing on the positive aspect of every little achievement, thanking her team for their efforts, remaining consistent, and having fun along the way. Catie was able to focus on her strengths as a leader, and not her power as an FA, to improve the clinic. Catie’s daily positive attitude has led to a team that stands united and share the same goals. This could not have been possible without a true leader. I appreciate my FA for everything that she does on a daily basis–for being the rock to our team and always being optimistic. It takes a strong person to hold the fort, remain positive and have fun along the way. I love my job, feel valued and enjoy coming to work everyday because of the environment she has created.” – Wendy Esqueda, who nominated Catie Lamb

“Melissa truly lives the value of Service Excellence. She attends each Plan of Care meetings with patients to oversee their cares and concerns. She is extremely active in making sure each patient is treated with the utmost respect and translates English to Spanish on a daily basis. She is as much an RN as she is an FA also on a daily basis. She is always problem-solving and making our clinic run as efficiently as possible. She is an excellent role model. I appreciate Melissa each day because of her positive attitude. Melissa reminds us of how hard it is for our patients to be on dialysis and exhibits behavior that makes her a role model. She always has time for any issue or question teammates have and truly deserves to be recognized for the leader that she has become.” –  Catherine Ellensohn, who nominated Melissa Santana


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