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We Love Our FAs: DaVita Celebrates its Outstanding Facility Administrators

As we celebrate our first-ever Facility Administrator appreciation week, we’re reminded that every day, DaVita FAs are working hard to improve the lives of our clinics’ teammates and patients.

We received an overwhelming amount of responses when we recently asked teammates to nominate an FA they know who exemplifies the DaVita Way. And while we wish we could showcase every FA in the Village, we ultimately chose a selection of nominations that were especially moving.

The following excerpts come from those nominations, and we’ll be sharing more winners the rest of the week.

“Jeff is a very compassionate person. He possess very strong leadership qualities that keeps our team together. He also is a very fun person and has a way of combining these qualities to increase teammates’ moral and promote a good work environment. I appreciate my FA because he cares. I was going through some rough times with the passing of my father and my youngest child being diagnosed with a life threatening illness – I thought I was going to loose everything. But Jeff was very supportive and understanding. He made sure that the team sent words of encouragement and prayers, and that really helped keep me going. He even came to the hospital after my son was diagnosed with Leukemia to check on me and my family. That really showed me that he genuinely cared.” – Patrice Brazill, who nominated FA Jeffrey Daniel

“Our FA Corrine has been with us for only a few short months. Since she has been here our facility has been under staffed due to teammates being out for various reasons. Corrine has worked our floor not only as an RN but also as a tech. She opens our facility up every morning around 4:30 a.m. and stays late almost every day. She does whatever needs to be done with no complaint. In October, we had a lot of damage in our area from Hurricane Michael and several of our teammates, that lives in Georgia, had damage to their homes and was out of power for 7 plus days . Corrine and her husband drove 2 hours to deliver food to one of our teammates on her day off. To me, that speaks volumes about her character and she is the type of person I want on my team. I appreciate Corrine in the fact that she does what ever it takes in our facility to make sure that our patients are taken care of and our day runs as smooth as possible. Corrine doesn’t mind doing anything that needs to be done in this facility. She works long hours and you never hear her complain.” – Ranay Lewis, who nominated FA Corinne Hatfield

“Crystal ‘Lynn’ Bass has guided the DaVita Sandhills Unit from its inception to a high performing, preferred unit in our region. Lynn exemplifies the DaVita Way. I credit her ceaseless work ethic (service excellence), indomitable upbeat attitude (continuous improvement), one-of-a-kind personality (fun), and can-do problem-solving nature (team) for the unit’s success. She has not met a challenge she could not beat, whether it is related to a patient’s social issues, staff management, physical plant or logistics, Lynn always has a solution ready to implement. Her winning personality makes her a favorite of the patients. Her natural leadership ability has allowed her to cultivate a highly trained staff who come to work with smiles on their faces, creating a pleasant work environment and instilling a sense of calm and trust in the patients as they receive their dialysis treatments here. I know, as the medical director, that Lynn truly cares about all of the patients, and knows them all personally.” – Jennifer Stoddard, who nominated FA Crystal “Lynn” Bass

DaVita Stories Team

DaVita Stories Team

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