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Listen and Learn: DaVita Team Shows Patient Appreciation

Imagine waking up three times a week knowing that your condition dictates how your day will go. You have to spend hours hooked to a machine that is designed to prolong your life. That is the reality our patients are faced with every day.

But what if it doesn’t always have to be just that? It is in our hands to create around them an environment of feeling loved, cared for and protected, in addition to getting the medical care they need.

That is what our team at DaVita Sheepshead Bay want to convey to our patients, so on Oct. 10th and 11th, we decided to amplify those feelings by organizing patient appreciation days. This was our way to show gratitude to our patients for choosing Sheepshead Bay as their facility of choice.

With multiple home rooms to talk about caring behaviors and using our own slogan LEARN (Listen to our patients’ feedback, Empathize with them, Acknowledge their feelings, Relate to what they are going through, Notice something new about them), we created two days of fun.

Like welcoming the fall into our lives, where leaves change colors and fall off to allow new ones to grow in the spring, I hope the two days also helped patients shake off any feelings of uncertainty and anxiety so they could then feel welcomed into our facility with respect, care, love and professionalism.

The patients listened to music of their choice, snacked on light refreshments and received DaVita mugs as a token of our appreciation. We heard laughter from joy, and someone even said that they have never felt better. We couldn’t have been happier to be there for our patients.

As small as it was, it showed us that care goes a long way, and we hope that we were able to demonstrate that.


Tatiana Kidanov

Tatiana Kidanov

I am a Facility Administrator of the most amazing, hard working team dedicated to our patients. I have myself worked as a lead dietitian in the same facility for nine years prior to being promoted to an administrator. My close experience counseling my patients in the past provided me with a unique perspective of their needs and likes.