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A DaVita Teammate’s Journey from Patient Care Technician to Facility Administrator

I started as a Patient Care Technician (PCT) in June of 2012, after being a Certified Nursing Assistant for a couple of years. I was looking for something different and was moving to a new area of town, so I applied for a position at DaVita. I was excited about DaVita’s tuition reimbursement program and the opportunity to work full time hours while still attending school.

I started as a PCT at Thornton Dialysis in Thornton, Colo. for Jamie Hein, the Group Facility Administrator. I was in school with the goal of being a high school teacher–I liked helping people and thought reaching kids and helping develop them was what I wanted to do. As I continued my DaVita career I switched clinics, then moved, and in the span of a couple years, worked with close to 10 Facility Administrators (FA) in my three years as a technician.

Along the way, I encountered strong FAs and mentors who started talking to me about growth and about becoming an FA. One FA encouraged me to apply for the DSS Leadership program and to start considering my growth path. I loved the possibility of being able to help my patients on a bigger level and help others develop and grow.

I graduated in May of 2015 with my Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Northern Colorado. In 2015, I was also accepted into the DSS Leadership class. DSS really opened my eyes to my strengths and my weaknesses. I had avoided tough conversations and struggled making decisions without all the facts. As I continued to push myself and grow, I slowly started to see my potential and desire to become an FA come to light.

Through growth at DSS and feedback from my leadership, I was finally able to obtain the position and start as an Assistant Facility Administrator. My transition into a leadership role was rocky at first. I was comfortable on the floor and unsure of myself as a leader. Hard lessons were learned that first year. Through trial and error, I slowly started gaining ground, got my feet under me and eventually got promoted to FA. I can’t say I have everything figured out, but I do my best and enjoy what I do.

And I feel extremely grateful to work with my Commerce City, Colo. team. They make my job easy. I am so grateful I started as a Patient Care Technician–I understand how tough the job is because I worked it. I know how draining it can be and also how rewarding. My direct patient care experience has helped me keep my eyes on the prize, which is truly how we, as a team, care for our patients in the best possible way.

Janae James

Janae James

Janae James has been with the Village for 6.5 years. Janae is a Colorado Native and lives in Brighton, CO with her husband Matt and two children Rory (3) and Charlotte (2). Janae likes to go camping, fishing, enjoys reading, singing and chasing her kids around.